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Why Should You Have A Facebook Business Page?

It’s no secret that Facebook has many powerful tools that can help spread brand awareness, propel sales revenues and bring your business in front of prospective clients. With all the features like Business Pages, Facebook Groups, Applications and Facebook Advertising, Facebook can really help businesses to connect with their clients and build their brand online.

Why businesses need a Facebook page can hardly be stressed enough, since track records of businesses establish the role of Facebook and an increasing number of members look for Facebook pages of the business that the product they are buying belongs to. Some reasons explaining the rationale behind businesses needing a Facebook page include:

  • Similar to a website but visible to more members- A Facebook page is similar to having a website but far more effective since it is visible to Facebook members logging in. Customers are unlikely to visit the business website every day, but will see the Facebook page each time they log in.
  • Customers connect- Businesses having a Facebook page will soon have their customers connecting and sharing the page through the “like” button with their friends. This proves to be the best advertisement for the business whose page circulates in their groups and connections.
  • Ideal way to share all business related information- A Facebook page is the ideal public page where all the latest news and information can be posted. Content shared on the page reaches customers and prospects immediately and they see it as soon as they log in.
  • Increases search engine visibility- Search engines love pages that have regular and frequent updates and give them higher rankings. This perhaps explains the reason why Google loves Facebook.
  • A viral marketing tool- Businesses can share valuable content through their Facebook pages which will appear on their fans’ news feed and those who find it interesting will pass it on and share by ‘liking’ it, which will place this link on each of their friends’ news feeds. This leads to a viral effect and within minutes the content has spread across borders to thousands of people.
  • For customer surveys- Businesses can use the ‘Questions’ tool to ask their fans anything and use it for surveys by posting questions and getting candid replies. Customers love to feel that their opinion matters and this makes them more loyal.
  • Event promotion- Facebook allows its members including businesses to create an event and ask people who will be attending it-this helps to gather a much larger presence for an exhibition or sale than would otherwise be humanly possible.

The list of benefits of Facebook is long but businesses need to know that Facebook is the second most visited internet site has over 500 million active users, and half of them log in at least once a day. This makes the chances of the business becoming highly conspicuous very high, and success with customers will logically follow. Here is a quick video:

Whether you have a personal facebook profile or not, you can have a facebook business page that represents your business on facebook. And the good news is you can register your business and get a business page irrespective of whether you are a local business or a place, company, organization or institution or if you represent a brand or product. Such business accounts are designed for individuals who only want to use the site to administer business pages and host their ad campaigns on Facebook.

Want to know how you can get a Facebook Business Page?

If you do not already have a standard Facebook account, you could simply first create a Facebook Ad or Facebook Page and that will become your business account. As a rule, Facebook does not allow managing multiple accounts and it is considered as a serious violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use.


Once you have a business account, you will be able to view and edit all of your Pages and Ads created with that account. You can take any action on the Pages you administer, including editing your Page information or adding Page content such as photos, videos, and events. You can also view all the statistics related to both your Pages and your ads.

Friends vs Likes

On Facebook, individual profiles are limited to 5,000 friends, whereas Pages can have unlimited fans (or likes). Once your profile friend list reaches 5,000, Facebook will encourage you to set up a Page, but doesn’t offer a tool to convert your profile to a Page. For that, you’re on your own.

Converting a Profile to a Page is a Nightmare

If you already set up your business on Facebook with a profile, converting “friends” to “fans” is no simple process. The only way to switch them over is to politely ask the friends to do it themselves. This can be accomplished either via status update or by sending them all a message explaining the change and linking them to your new Page.

A third option would be to use Facebook’s formal Page recommendation tool to suggest that friends Like your new page. However, this option doesn’t give you the opportunity to type a custom message explaining why you’re asking them to do it.

When converting friends to fans, it’s important to clearly articulate to users why you’re asking them to like your business, because in their mind they’re already connected to it via Facebook and shouldn’t need to take any further action. You’ll need to include a concise and friendly note to your users explaining that you’re switching from a profile to a Page to better serve them and ask them to click the like button to stay connected.

So, if you haven’t already got a business facebook page. Create one today!

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