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Why You Should Consider Truckmounts?

Are you a carpet cleaning company that wants to increase the amount of tile or carpet you can clean per week – therefore increasing your income per year? Are you looking for a simple solution for all your cleaning jobs in one package? Then, truckmounts are most suited for you!


Truckmounts have always been very popular among professional carpet and tile cleaning companies in Australia. If you want to make an investment on a powerful, low priced, and efficient tool for carpet cleaning and tile cleaning, then make sure you do it on a time saving and money making truckmount!

How To Choose the Right Truckmount For Your Business?

If you are new in cleaning business, you need to understand that the story doesn’t end on just choosing a truckmount. You need to choose the right truckmount which will serve according to your company’s needs and type of jobs you take, not only when you start, but for years down the track. So, let me share with you the basic things you need to remember while picking a truckmount for your company.

There are two types of truckmounts in general:

  • Slide in Units: Slide in units have their own engine to produce their own power and are by far the most popular piece of carpet cleaning equipment amongst machinery owners. Slide in can be shifted in any used/new van or trailer and can easily be moved to any vehicle. They have the best resale value as they are not dependant on the van, and also run to higher pressures for tile and grout cleaning.
  • Direct Drive Units: Direct Drive Units (also called PTO or CDS units) use their van’s engine for power. The major benefit is that you can run the van completely closed and have nice amounts of room left over in the rear of the van.

What Should You Choose?

Slide in units are more popular because of their efficiency and flexibility. However, direct drive units can also be preferred for some applications depending on the workload.

Anatomy of a Truckmount

Before spending your valuable money on anything, you must be absolutely sure what you’re going to buy. Truckmounts have 4 basic systems as described below:

1. Power: The unit has to be powered enough to run all the components properly and can achieve the pressure, heat and vacuum to accomplish the tasks you need it too.

2. Vacuum Recovery:

  • You can achieve proper vacuum by using positive displacement vacuum blowers which come in many sizes and configurations.
  • Vacuum efficiency is measured in airflow and lift. Airflow is considerably important for decreasing the drying time of carpet cleaning while lift is important for de-flooding and water damage restoration. You should make sure to have a proper balance between airflow and lift. The larger the CFM and Lift (also known as inches of mercury) the better the dry times across the board.

3. Solution Heating Capacity:

  • Solution heating capacity is one of the most important aspects of a truckmount.
  • Heated water has the capability to remove soil quickly, acts as a catalyst for cleaning chemicals and significantly reduces time for the carpet to dry.
  • Heated solution also helps reduce chemical costs as very hot cleaning solution can assist to remove spots that normally require spotting chemicals

4. Solution Pressure:

  • Solution pressure and water flow are responsible for separating soil from carpet fibre. You can increase solution pressure by decreasing water flow.
  • If you’re cleaning carpets with conventional scrub wands, you should keep the solution pressure at 200-450 psi depending on the vacuum recovery performance of your carpet cleaning equipment.
  • When cleaning hard surfaces such as tile, stone and concrete, set the solution pressure at 1000-1300 psi depending on the sensitivity of the floor. (soft natural stone may require less pressure)

What Are The Factors To Consider Before Buying A Truckmount?

  • How much do you intend to spend?
  • Which vehicle are you installing on? New or second hand? Stand van, super long wheel base, trailer or box truck?
  • What is the temperature where you’re working in? Is it in a location that is very hot? High humidity? Or is it very cold for weeks/months at a time?
  • Are you needing certain pressures to clean certain surfaces?
  • Does the company your purchase your machine from truly understand truckmounts? Do they carry adequate spare parts?
  • Are you needing to run with just one operator, or have you considered growing to utilize the performance that dual wand truckmounts can bring?

Needless to say, truckmounts are the future for professional carpet cleaning companies. Apart from carpet cleaning, the right truckmount can be used for a variety of cleaning jobs like cleaning upholstery cleaning, sidewalks, driveways, patio’s and pool surrounds.

Truckmounts collect the soil and the cleaning solutions into one tank from where they can be disposed of properly. But the best thing about truckmounts is the marketing that you get from them. Not only do they do a superior job in the hands of a skilled operator, but they help your business stand out from the crowd.


So, what are you waiting for? Do your cleaning business a favour, buy a truckmount today. Contact us to find out more about truckmounts and which one best suits your cleaning needs.

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