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  • Finding the right Carpet Cleaning Machine for your Company

    Finding the Right Machines for Your Niche Carpet Cleaning Service

    We know that you love what you do, but you will need more than just a passion for cleaning to keep up with growing competition in the carpet cleaning sector. You will need the right carpet cleaning machine! Here is a look at some popular carpet cleaning niche categories and some examples of carpet cleaning machines that work best in those areas.

    Residential Carpet Cleaning Machines

    Tough economic times equate to busy households that strive to make their investments last. Many consumers understand that keeping their carpets clean can extend the life of their flooring as well as promote a healthier living environment for their families. Time constraints and concerns about damaging their carpets lead them to professional carpet cleaning services like yours. Since residential customers usually have their carpets cleaned less often than businesses, you have a very narrow window of opportunity to make a great impression on them. This is important to consider when you want to grow your business through repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising.

    Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning Machines

    The type of carpet cleaning machines that you should evaluate for residential carpet cleaning are truck-mounted steam cleaners. Truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines eliminate the need for transporting machinery and cleaning solutions into homes for cleaning. These machines offer a considerable amount more power than a portable carpet cleaning extractor as well as hotter water, vacuum and suction, ensuring that the carpets are left dry. Since most homes consist of only two stories, truck-mounted machines usually offer the fastest, most effective and convenient cleaning for residential property.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines

    There is a high demand for professional carpet cleaning in commercial environments such as:

    • Restaurant Carpets
    • Carpets in Malls and Retail Shops
    • Carpets in Hospitals
    • Church Carpets
    • Hotel Carpets

    Your business clients that operate hotels, restaurants or retail stores will likely want you to clean their carpets several times a week and deep clean them periodically. For frequent carpet cleaning, you need carpet cleaning machines that offer effective, fast-drying results like the ones found at Powerclean Industries. After all, most businesses cannot afford to turn away foot traffic while waiting for their carpets to dry.

    Dry Cleaning Machines and Steam Cleaning Extractors

    Dry cleaning carpet machines rely on powerful chemicals to break down dirt on carpet fibres combined with the orbital action of encapsulation machines. Dry cleaning uses less water than steam cleaning, and drying time is significantly reduced. According to carpet industry experts, dry cleaning doesn’t reach into the carpet’s padding like steam cleaning does. This method of carpet cleaning called encapsulation is excellent for maintenance cleaning. Steam cleaning extractors are still the go-to machines for deep cleaning sessions.


    Carpet and Rug Stain Removal Services

    Carpet cleaning experts who can effectively remove stains from carpets and rugs are hired all the time by residential as well as business customers. Whether its stains from wine spilled on a hotel lobby rug or discolouration from a greasy meatball that dropped at a home that hosted an AFL Grand Final party, you need to be prepared with the right carpet cleaning machine and techniques.

    Rotary Scrubbers and Extractors

    After spot treating stains with the appropriate chemicals, deep steam cleaning with a rotary scrubber or extraction carpet cleaning equipment can give floors a uniformly clean look. Powerclean Industries carries an extensive line up of these carpet cleaning machines featuring user friendly upright control handles and a cleaning base that rotates at varying speeds to break up dirt on carpets. Many rotary scrubbers and extraction machines can be used with truck-mounted and portable cleaning systems.

    Carpet Restoration

    When it makes good financial sense to restore instead of replace carpets and rugs, residential and business property owners call the experts to make their floors look like new again. Here are several instances where carpet restoration specialists are needed:

    • Natural disaster such as a flood
    • Man-made flood from leaking or burst pipes
    • Pet odours 
    • Party stains
    • Neglected antique

    Truck-Mounted Steam Clean Extractors

    For many carpet restoration jobs, you need a carpet cleaning machine that is a heavy-weight when it comes to power. You’ll need a truckmounted Carpet Cleaning machine, which has enough power to maintain high water temperatures for thorough cleaning as well as to extract excess water to prevent mould issues. Powerclean Industries offers high-powered, truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment that is designed to specifically for this task.

  • Commercial/Industrial Carpet Cleaning Machines

    Carpets are extensively used in homes and to ensure that a healthy living environment exists in the home, it is essential that the carpet be cleaned and that stains and dirt is removed from them on a regular basis.  Carpet cleaners need to be able to identify the variety of carpet fibres so that damage is not caused when they are cleaned.  Once the carpet fibre is identified cleaners have a choice of methods, equipment and chemicals.

    clean carpet machine

    Several commercial carpet cleaning  services are there to assist in such situations. There carpet cleaning system can be classified into different equipment categories. Each of the categories is applied for different kind of cleaning for remarkable results. There are truckmount extractions, portable extraction equipment and extraction cleaners for residential use. Therefore, owning right equipment for similar kind of carpets to match its fabric and size is of utmost importance.

    Depending on the extensiveness of the job undertaken, the machinery used in the cleaning differs from mobile truck mounted extractors to simple rotary scrubber.
    Professional carpet cleaners or various companies dealing in carpet cleaning own a huge assortment of carpet cleaning equipment. These machines are specifically designed so as to clean carpets skillfully and efficiently.
    Powerclean Industries deals in innovative and state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment. We have a wide array of machines for different purposes along with cleaning products and other necessary accessories.
    Types of Carpet Cleaning Equipment


    Carpet cleaning truckmount equipment plays a major role in carpet and upholstery cleaning with its hot water extraction cleaning method.   These machines are varied in power and suction available to clean but all use a unique heat exchanger to offer high temperature water cleaning methods.   Sapphire Scientific Carpet Cleaning truckmount is the most powerful and space-saving truckmount to come under this category.  The truckmount range available under the leading brand name have set new standards for performance and quality.

    Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines:

    These extractors are more compact.   Their compact size makes their handling and transportation very easy and comfortable. They fit in the vans of almost all sizes and are stress-free in their storage. These Portable Extractors have newfangled and pioneering features that add to the smooth operation of the machines. These machines are versatile and top of the line in cleaning carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces.

    Rotary Scrubbers:

    Rotary scrubbers are remarkably efficient and immensely sturdy. These machines effectively remove the sticky or argillaceous substances from the carpets. Equipped with solution tank and shower brush for carpet and hard floor use. The operation of rotary scrubbers is very simple even for a novice. This range of cleaning machinery is available in various makes and models. This versatile and compact system makes floor and carpet scrubbing handy and efficacious.

    Cimex-Planetary Scrubber:

    Cimex-Planetary Scrubber unveils high performance owing to its state-of-the-art technical specifications. All the parts and components utilized in the cleaner are specifically designed to enhance the functioning and operation of the system. This unsurpassed technical approach of the unit is not only to make it the best but it also emphasizes on putting you at the top of the competition. It provides deep cleaning for all the sides of fiber.

    Orbot Cleaning Systems:

    The unit delivers deep and restorative cleaning of the carpets and upholstery in less time than other systems. It has the ability to power in the tough conditions. It easily captures soil off the carpet and makes them residue-free. It is automatic and operates simply that makes the extractor a must have to save costs and time. The machine is ideal for encapsulation cleaning of carpets. You can polish, wax and strip your hardwood floors, stone, bricks and concrete.
    Twin Cylindrical Scrubbers: This patented cleaning system uses twin cylindrical brushes for more thorough and effectual cleaning of structured floors. The ergonomic design of these machines provides high quality and optimal cleaning in single pass. It is very efficient in daily maintenance operations and is accessible to the critically tight spaces. It has in-built wheels for effortless movements and easy maneuverability in both directions. The scrubber ensures deep cleaning and proficient performance.

    Rotary Extractor:

    These highly efficient portable extractors reach those places with their cleaning capabilities that were unreachable before with the truckmount. Application of these powerful and flexible Rotary Extractors can
    boost your business accommodations by delivering professional quality work. The mobility of the extractor is a must have in your inventory to expand your business and reach cleaning service requests in almost any environment.


    Encapsulation is the latest technology in the carpet cleaning industry for more amazing results. This is a low moisture system for leaving the carpets dry and free from all the sticky residues. The process is simple and does not involve high-end trainings. It is a cost-effective way that covers large surfaces quickly and cleans them in minimal downtime. This advancement in the carpet cleaning equipment has grown in leaps and bounds for extraordinary cleaning.
    Commercial Vacuum Cleaners: Our commercial vacuum cleaners are intently devised for everyday use in a commercial environment. There are several brands and models of vacuum cleaners for different cleaning purposes. They are immensely efficient in coping with every kind of dirt whether damp, dry or wet. They are versatile, compact and highly portable. From small-sized industrial vacuum cleaners to stationary extraction systems, we have all the high-quality products to offer.

    Hard Surface Cleaning:

    Hard surface cleaning is one of the most vital cleaning requirements for every home. Surfaces and preferences vary a lot across customers and homes. Therefore, using a pioneering surface cleaning system is the only way to meet all the expectations of variety of floos. It needs high pressure cleaning for a deep clean and capture. We have right machinery and equipment for every particular need of surface and flooring. We specialize in all areas of tiles, stones and concrete.

    Carpet Cleaning Accessories:

    Specific tools for every different job saves you a lot of time and money. Bearing this in mind, we hold an extensive range of commercial cleaning accessories for carpets and hard surfaces. We provide all the carpet cleaning accessories from spray jets to connectors and wands for assisting in deep restoration of wide variety of carpets.
    Importance of investing in the right equipment cannot be denied especially if you are in the cleaning industry. With the ever-increasing and growing technology, the advent of new systems has made it easier to provide deep and effective cleaning to all the customers out there.

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