2" High Performance Vacuum Relief Valve

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This Kunkle valve is matched for # 33 thru to # 45 sized blowers and maintains consistent lift and cfm over long hose runs and boosts the performance of any truckmount utilizing a positive displacement blower. This model is factory set at 15" of lift.While we have never heard of a KUNKLE valve causing any problems and in fact it would be LESS likely for a mishap to occur from a technician making unauthorized adjustments to the settings use of a KUNKLE valve MAY void warranties on engines or blowers check with your truckmount manufacturer and specifically the blower manufacturer for their policy on them. Installation should be accomplished at a shop knowledgable on the installation and use of this product.Vacuum relief valves are safety valves which relieve vacuum (instead of pressure) when exceeding a specific setting. • Aluminum top• Anti-galling alloy inlets• Bronze valve• Stainless steel spring• Male inlets / female outletsThe advantage of a performance vacuum releif valve is that leakage is put under the operators control 100%. With a typical spring loaded valve the seat is a flat face. With even subtle load the(typical) valve will creep open a bit thereby shifting CFM from the wand to the relief valve opening created by such creepage. With a Kunkle the seat is not flat but a piston within a cylinder. Creepage does not permit CFM leakage until the cylinder moves to a position equal to the set point for that particular valve. The result being zero CFM loss until "POPOFF".