Bentley Titanium 14" wand

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Bentley 14" swivel head, high performance titanium wand 

Innovative, high flow design, light weight with a convenient swivel head.

Mytee® has revolutionized carpet cleaning with the cutting-edge Bentley™ Carpet Wand. Mytee have created the Bentley™ Carpet Wand with innovative features and design elements that will take your carpet cleaning capabilities to the next level.

Built from durable, light weight titanium, the Bentley’s™ ergonomic design reduces operator strain and fatigue caused by standard cleaning wands. Its 2″ vacuum tube and specially designed wand head maximizes airflow for optimal recovery, while its five jet solution manifold gives you total coverage for the ultimate cleaning performance.

Don’t settle for less than the best. The Bentley™ Carpet Wand is comes with a sizing adjustment guide and tube coupler, so you can customize the height of your wand for your perfect fit. 


  • Durable titanium tube
  • 2” vacuum tube and specially designed vacuum head allows for maximum CFM
  • Swivel head which allows the wand to run almost completely flat— clean under furniture without having to move it
  • Built-in sight window allows you to monitor dirt and grime extraction 
  • Built-in adjustable flow meter lets you control solution flow without having to run out to your extractor or truck-mount
  • Polished aluminum die-cast head with spray shields 
  • Stainless steel glide with Positive Ventilation™ makes movement over carpet easier and allows for maximum recovery
  • FeatherTouch™ solution spray valve


  • Adjustable height wand coupler– custom tailor your wand to your height for the perfect fit.