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  1. Are your jets costing you time and money on carpet cleaning jobs?

    Jets may be one of the smallest components of the equipment you use daily to clean carpets and hard surfaces but the performance of your machine can hinge heavily on the performance of the jets and the best way to ensure optimal performance is maintenance/replacement. Sometimes when we are busy we overlook the smallest maintenance jobs, however if your jets...
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  2. How to remove red food dye from carpet with or without heat!

    How to remove red food dye from carpet with or without heat! How many times have you been called in to professionally remove red staining from a carpet??  Food colouring is dye that is safe to eat but when spilt can permanently colour fabrics and carpet. Red Vanish by Vacaway offers even the novice carpet cleaner a one part stain...
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  3. Mould and Restoration Conference Australia

    Mould & Restoration Expert Down Under! Guest Blog by Jeff Heyd, Siamons International, Manufacturers of Concrobium Mould Products. My first trip to Australia and to sum it up in a word… Wow!  Having just returned home to California after a whirlwind 14-day business trip to several cities I have come away with great impressions of a great region! I also...
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  4. Getting Customer Satisfaction with your Cleaning Business

    Can’t get no… SATISFACTION? It’s an age old business question…what is the key to customer satisfaction? If you think it’s just about the quality of the final product, you could be losing a lot of business. Of course doing quality work is certainly crucial, but it's the interpersonal skills of your staff that will make the difference between a one-off...
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  5. What Are The 5 Main Problems In Carpet Fabric Cleaning?

    Are you facing problems in cleaning the different kinds of carpet fabrics? All professional cleaners encounter some or the other problems and this part of the carpet cleaning business. Dealing with these problems, however, is very crucial and at Powerclean, we provide you the tools to do just that. Here are the 5 main problems that cleaners come across most...
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  6. How To Rank Your Carpet Cleaning Website On Google’s Local Listing?

    Google Local Listings have become more important ever since Google started displaying results based on where you are located. They can get your exact location by your IP address and display search results based on your location. That is why, Google Local Listing has become very important for many businesses that are trying to reach out to their local audiences...
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  7. How To Get More Water Damage Restoration Jobs?

    There is no question the water damage market and especially the residential sector has gotten more competitive in recent years.  Why?  Very simple. In most areas of the country the entry level is low and the potential profits are big! There are primarily 3 categories of Water Damage Restoration Jobs: Category 1: Category one, or clean-water floods originate from sources...
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  8. How to Increase Business Visibility With YouTube Videos?

    Most people are under the false impression that YouTube is meant solely for the purposes of entertainment of teenagers. They could not be more wrong! Today, YouTube has revolutionized the way we do business. YouTube logged a trillion hits in 2011, according to Nielson. Using the most powerful medium of video, businesses are able to market everything from therapy to...
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  9. How To Engage Customer With A Customer Comment Form?

    You finish yet another restoration job and you get on with the next. But a few years down the road, you realize that one customer (who you worked for two years ago), never called you back. Perhaps dissatisfied by a tiny error you overlooked? You'll never know! Unless of course, you ensure that all your customers fill out the rather...
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  10. Hard Surface Cleaning

    Cleaning hard surfaces may seem like a daunting task but more and more cleaners are adding this to their repertoire. From tiles to grout to stone exteriors, all hard surfaces can be cleaned and sealed with the right equipment and chemicals. Sealer is one such chemical based product with gives hard surfaces a finished look. Cleaning tile and grout however...
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