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  1. What Does It Take To Rank On The Top Of Google?

    Google is the universal word for search all around the world. While your company may be A grade, if it doesn't comply with the online world, then it’s close to impossible that it will bring more clients than is required to boost sales. To ensure that your website is properly ranked on Google, you have to use some tricks to...
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  2. How To Remove Dye Stains & Spots Effectively?

    Coloured food dye stains are one of the worst nightmares for a carpet cleaning company because they’re not very easy to clean especially if they are all died in! But, luckily, 3 simple steps exist to remove dye stains and spots effectively. What really matters is the dye stain remover you use. Removing Dye Stains – The 3 Step Guide...
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  3. Everything You Need To Know About Carpet Browning

    Carpet browning or the change of carpet color is one of the worst things that can happen to a carpet. And it gets even more evident on a light colored carpet! Carpet browning occurs because of certain cellulosic fibers originating from plants. Carpet Browning – The Cause So what does cause browning in carpets? It happens because of an oxidation...
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  4. How Can Fibre Protector Benefit Your Cleaning Job & Your Clients?

    Are you satisfied by just cleaning the client’s carpet? Have you thought about offering other services that could assist them, and help your bottom line too?  One solution is to offer an effective carpet and fibre protector for carpets and upholstery. Why Fibre Protectors? In any professional environment, one word cannot be ignored and that is “maintenance”. After cleaning carpets...
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  5. Using Cheap Chemicals Cost You More Dollars on the Job

    Ever wondered why your chemical expenditure bill and labour costs continue to exceed more than planned even if you’re using cheap chemicals? Ever wondered why you can’t make the savings you want even though you’re purchasing the cheapest cleaning products in the market? Often chemicals are thought of as the biggest expense for commercial and residential cleaning companies, which is...
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  6. How Can Social Media Integration Make A Difference?

    Long gone are the days when just advertisements could translate into sales and make your business successful. Today, it’s all about making a connection with your target audience and spreading the word with the help of blogs, keyword rich articles, videos, forums and other such mediums on the web. From Advertising To Connecting… Yes, that’s what today’s face of marketing...
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  7. What Are The Benefits Of Encapsulation Cleaning?

    Over the past decade, the encapsulation cleaning process has created a lot discussion and excitement in our carpet cleaning industry. And you may have asked yourself – how does encapsulation technology affect me?  Can my business benefit from this emerging technology? What problems can it solve for my company? Will it help me become more profitable? In this blog, we...
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  8. Is It A Good Time To Start A Business?

    Absolutely! Don’t believe it? Find out how even in this economic doom, you could start a business and do well. In fact, this is probably the right time to start your business. A large number of Fortune 500's & major corporations started during some of the worst times in economic history. Despite the ‘Great Depression’ (1920’s – 1940’s) companies such as...
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