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  1. What Does It Take To Rank On The Top Of Google?

    page-rankGoogle is the universal word for search all around the world. While your company may be A grade, if it doesn’t comply with the online world, then it’s close to impossible that it will bring more clients than is required to boost sales. To ensure that your website is properly ranked on Google, you have to use some tricks to make it as relevant to user’s search as ever.

    Today, Internet is the cheapest and most favorable form of advertising for any product or service. Needless to say, the companies who will supersede others in ranking themselves on top of Google will succeed in generating the maximum revenue and profit as well.

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  2. Referral Marketing: How to Get High Paying Clients Without Spending A Dime?

    referralDo you want to use a marketing system that generates new leads every month? In spite of spending thousands on advertising, is your business still not giving the returns you thought it would? Then it is time to shift to referral marketing!

    Referral Marketing – The Marketing of the future

    Usually called ‘the word of the mouth’ marketing, referral marketing is about building numerous sources that will refer various clients for your business. Why is it so lucrative? This is because Referral Marketing promises a 4 to 1 profit, which means that if you spend $1000 in referral marketing, you will get $4000 in return.

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  3. Using Twitter For Your Business

    Wonder if Twitter can really help in growing your business online? Can Twitter actually be used to bring in leads, opportunities and sales to your cleaning business? YES!

    Often business owners mistake Twitter for being just a social media networking site where they can share their website link and post news updates regularly.

    Well, that’s true but Twitter is also a tool to build trust among your users and if used “the right way” it can really help you build ongoing relationship with your customers.

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  4. How to Remove Adhesive Residues from Carpets?

    Adhesive residues can be a pain in the neck for even the most successful professional carpet cleaning companies. Why?

    The main reason is most adhesive residues are very tricky to remove. These adhesive residues may include gum, grease, tough oily soils and paints. Adhesive residues also find their way on the carpet when tape is removed from a carpet which leaves a sticky soil attracting residue. Naturally, if these residues are not removed fast, they make the carpet prone to collecting soil and sand!

    Adhesive Residues – How Common Are They?

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  5. Why Should You Have A Facebook Business Page?

    It’s no secret that Facebook has many powerful tools that can help spread brand awareness, propel sales revenues and bring your business in front of prospective clients. With all the features like Business Pages, Facebook Groups, Applications and Facebook Advertising, Facebook can really help businesses to connect with their clients and build their brand online.

    Why businesses need a Facebook page can hardly be stressed enough, since track records of businesses establish the role of Facebook and an increasing number of members look for Facebook pages of the business that the product they are buying belongs to. Some reasons explaining the rationale behind businesses needing a Facebook page include:

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  6. The 3 Golden Rules For Carpet Care

    Carpet care is undoubtedly the most important job of any professional cleaning company in Australia. As a professional cleaner, it is our responsibility to explain to our clients how they can properly take care of their carpets.

    So, what do you tell your client when you go on a carpet cleaning job?

    Carpet care is very important for because….

    • To maintain the life of the carpet
    • To safeguard from germs leading to diseases arising from unmaintained carpets
    • To get rid of bugs and beetles
    • To prevent mould formation

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  7. Why You Should Consider Truckmounts?

    Are you a carpet cleaning company that wants to increase the amount of tile or carpet you can clean per week – therefore increasing your income per year? Are you looking for a simple solution for all your cleaning jobs in one package? Then, truckmounts are most suited for you!


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  8. How Can Client Newsletters Help Your Business?

    You won’t find too much disagreement about the value of sending out a client newsletter.

    Countless professional cleaners and business owners would testify the importance, the effectiveness and the return on investment of sending out a periodic newsletter to their customer base.

    But, what you will find some pretty serious disagreement about is “what should be in your client newsletter?”

    Key #1: Client Newsletter Should Be Readable…

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  9. Top Methods To Control Urine Odour

    Urine in carpets is probably one of the more common issues faced on a daily basis for carpet cleaners. When faced with this issue it is advisable to clarify with the home owner as to what their expectations are in regards to the urine issue in their carpets. Is the home owner asking for the removal of the urine odor or is the removal of the stain for appearance reasons the most important thing to them?

    The reason we ask this is because on certain wools, especially wool Berber if stained for concentrated yellow urine, it may never fully come out. The odor can be removed but the staining may never fully be removed. On most other carpets the staining can be removed relatively easy. So this needs to be explained to the home owner.

    How we handle the different situations will vary. But basically it comes down to four situations.

    Let me clarify.

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  10. Switching To Enzymes for Cleaning Jobs

    Cleaning detergents were once known to be the best solution to all cleaning issues such as grease, soil, odour problems, etc. but they’re old story now.

    However, today, the new and definitely more reliable solution for your cleaning jobs is enzyme based solutions. Enzyme digesters are gaining popularity and are viewed by some as a possible replacement for other types of formulations in certain cleaning situations. Enzyme digesters work by eating (digesting) protein matter in organic soil or waste. Their enzymes are especially effective in controlling odours caused by a build-up of organic soils in restrooms, plumbing, carpets and floors.

    What Are Enzyme Based Cleaning Solutions?

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