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  1. The Real “Secret” to Marketing Your Cleaning Business

    professional-carpet-cleanerIt is no secret we are all fighting a “tough economy” right now. BUT you carry your future in your own hands.

    Here is the Real Secret for Success in marketing your cleaning business:

    One of the most important things for cleaning marketers to remember when building a website is that you are a complete “stranger” to most visitors. They don’t know you. In fact, sophisticated consumers have caught on that even established brand-name cleaners don’t necessarily offer the same quality service from one community to another.

    Even the most alluring offer you dangle in front of visitors isn’t going to get your telephone to ring if they don’t trust you. And, if that killer offer does produce a call, you may have to invest valuable telephone time establishing your credibility.

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  2. How To Increase Profit On Carpet Cleaning Jobs?

    Advertisements attempt to entice consumers with discounts at least as often as they emphasize the quality of their product. But what does it mean to your company to offer a discount? Will discounts bring in business, or harm your profits?

    sale_discountDiscounts are often treated as insignificant and are ignored as if the money essentially given away to customers was merely imaginary. Literally speaking, every discount is a direct loss to the owner’s profit and there should be a substantial reason for each discount to justify that loss.

    The Good – Discounts Act As Incentives To Get New & Existing Clients!

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  3. Managing Your PPC Advertising For Maximum ROI

    google-ppcPay per Click or PPC is a much more systematic form of advertising as it measurable and quantifiable. The PPC campaign can be continuously monitored giving it the winning edge over traditional and ambiguous form of advertising which has no concrete figures to state its claims.

    Pay per Click works in a slightly different manner. You need to insert keyword targeted advertisements which are displayed on the search engines when someone searches for the relevant keyword. If at all, someone clicks on your advertisement, you need to pay the search engine for that click. Google, Yahoo, and MSN active search engines which allow PPC campaigns.

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  4. Are You Using Facebook Advertising For Your Cleaning Business?

    Facebook and Google get compared a lot these days, but with its new advertising strategy, Facebook is adapting Google’s ad strategy to its social media.

    Think about it. Tens of thousands of people in your market base use Facebook on a daily basis. Think about targeting a select group of these consumers with a carefully prepared message selling your cleaning services?

    That is precisely what advertising on Facebook can offer you!

    So how can you put targeted Facebook advertising to work for your company?

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  5. Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Method For A Job

    Carpet cleaning is a widely popular business and every successful carpet cleaning enterprise ensures that each kind of carpet is treated with its appropriate cleaning techniques. Carpet cleaning does not just focus on removing dirt and stains from the carpet but also retaining the integrity of the material and preventing any damage to it.

    There are various chemical methods which are used for cleaning carpets. These methods vary with variety of carpets.

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  6. How to Get Rid Of Problems During Carpet Cleaning Jobs?

    The demand for systematic and modern carpet cleaning has become a great demand. All businesses involved in carpet cleaning have adopted modern techniques to optimize cleaning of a variety of carpets. A good amount of investments are also ear marked for troubleshooting in the carpet cleaning processes. This not only helps improve the processes but also to devise better methods.

    • Concrobium Mold Control 1 Gal Jug websiteMoulds: If your carpet cleaning job involves moulds, you need to first clean up the mould and fix the moisture problem. Mould growth can be removed from hard surfaces with commercial products like Concrobium, a mould control product that has shown results in mould reduction. When cleaned by a professional cleaner with the right machinery, there will be no issue with overwetting and moulds.
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  7. Pitfalls in Buying A Carpet Cleaning Business

    carpet-cleaning-company-for-sale-300x200As with any other business, one needs to be both prudent and smart when buying a carpet cleaning enterprise.  It may sound great to buy, instead of starting from scratch, a carpet cleaning business; however this endeavor is certainly not hassle free.

    What’s more?

    There are some serious pitfalls that you must definitely bear in mind when entering into such a venture.

    1. Being fooled by the books

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  8. How To Get More Water Damage Restoration Jobs?

    waterdamage2The water damage market is a tough nut to crack. Getting more water damage restoration jobs can be challenging what with old, seasoned players in the market and reluctant customers who fear poorly done jobs by people they have never worked with before. Plus it’s a lucrative business and everyone wants a piece of the pie.

    Suppose you have your handful of loyal customers that you can rely on to contact you in case of a water damage problem, but what about getting more jobs from different clients?

    Here are a few tips on how to get more water damage restoration jobs:

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  9. 5 Important Tips for Carpet Protection

    Carpet_Protector_2When homeowners hire professional carpet cleaners, they are looking for a clean, stain-free carpet that will stay clean for as long as possible. The key to a clean carpet lasting longer is carpet protection. In fact most people are aware of the advantages of a protector, but they do not have the inclination to buy one and clean their carpets themselves. Thus professional cleaners must ensure that they use good quality carpet protectors such as Fibre Guard protector in order to ensure a better cleaning experience for the client and one that will result in cleaner carpets for the future.

    Here are five essential tips to bear in mind for carpet protection.

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  10. Creative Facebook Marketing Strategies for Carpet Cleaning Businesses

    <Facebook-marketing-promotionOne may think that keeping up with people, posting ones birthday party’s photos and getting in touch with long lost buddies is all Facebook is good for. Think again. Facebook has ushered in an era of new marketing techniques and made it surprisingly cost effective for businesses to advertise their products and services. All one needs to be is tech savvy and quick thinking.

    For a conventional industry such as carpet cleaning, Facebook may seem useless as a marketing tool, but the truth could not be more different. There are multiple creative marketing strategies that carpet cleaning businesses, just like all other businesses, can use in order to increase revenue. Here are a few:

    Step1: Create a Facebook page

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