Orbot Tile and Grout Brush

$630.55 (GST included)
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The Orbot Tile and Grout Brush scrubs tiles and grout lines like you've never seen before.

One brush to scrub any floor type.

The Orbot Tile & Grout Brush scrubs tiles and grout like no other.  The HOS Orbot driver generates 1725 orbits per minute which scrubs the embedded soil in grouting and tile pores due to the unique flared bristle design.  For maximum performance use the HOS Orbot Weight Set Kit. 

Scrubs and cleans tile & grout, concrete, epoxy, rubber, porous and other rough-textured floor surfaces.   Thin nylon bristles reach into small pores and crevices.   Flexible bristles reach into low-lying grout lines.   Long and angled outside bristles allow cleaning along edges and obstacles.  Unique patent-pending brush design was developed to complement orbital mechanics.   Complete 3/8” micro orbits without collapsing under the machine, achieving 360° contact with deep pores, gaps and every edge of grout line.