Cimex - Planetary Scrubber

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  1. Cimex Pad Driver
    The pad drivers are used to secure Fibreplus pads to the Cimex machine.
    $578.40 (GST included)
  2. Cimex Shampoo Brush - Medium
    The Cimex Shampoo Brushes (sold in set of 3) are excellent value for general floor scrubbing. They are moderately aggressive and safe of use on most ...
    $498.00 (GST included)
  3. Big Boy wheel kit
    Cimex CR48 Big Boy 10" wheel kit
    $425.00 (GST included)

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The deep cleaning planetary action of the Cimex range of cleaning machinery cleans all sides of the fibre in a single pass. The Cimex provides less fatigue for operators and are extremely easy to use even for a novice.