Hard Surface Cleaning

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  1. Raptor Combo
    This grout line and edging tool features an all new brass manifold and internal pressure line giving it an extremely low-profile head that swivels to ...
    $1,050.00 (GST included)
  2. $1,495.00 (GST included)
  3. 2 Jet High Pressure Edging Tool
    This specialized hand tool is meant for cleaning those really dirty surfaces like Tile, Cement, Stone, Brick and any other hard surfaces that have yea...
    $440.20 (GST included)
  4. 6" Hand Spinner
    Use the Hand Spinner on counter-tops, for edges, walls or any tight space for unbelievable cleaning results. It has a 6" heavy duty head. Single Swiss...
    $850.00 (GST included)
  5. 12" Tile Spinner
    The Spinner sets a new standard in ergonomic hard surface cleaning. The Spinner is designed to work on a wide variety of areas including bathrooms sid...
    $1,230.00 (GST included)
  6. 16" Extra Heavy Duty Water Dragon
    The 40 cm (16") Extra heavy duty hard surface tool recover debris and water "on the fly" for non-stop cleaning action. Utililzing high impact Meg jets...
    $5,060.00 (GST included)
  7. 24" Extra Heavy Duty Water Dragon
    The 60 cm (24") Extra heavy duty hard surface tool recover debris and water "on the fly" for non-stop cleaning action. Utililzing high impact Meg jets...
    $5,635.00 (GST included)
  8. Spinner, 12" Turbo Tile
    The 12" Turbo Hybrid Tile Spinner is lightweight and extremely durable. Complete with the following features: Stainless Steel Handle and inje...
    $1,695.00 (GST included)
  9. Vacu-Boom
    An innovative and practical solution to the problem of capturing waste water run off.
    $2,310.00 (GST included)

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If you are already involved in the high pressure washing industry, you will agree that the smart option is to invest in knowledge  and the right equipment. This industry is getting forced into using clean and capture technology and systems. However for all those thinking about external hard surface cleaning - Do Not Be Deceived!! The equipment you require to effectively recover your cleaning solution requires large amounts of CFM (airflow)with a healthy balance of inches of mercury ("HG). If you do not understand these terms or wording, please feel free to contact us as it will make a large difference, both cleaning ability and speed.

With the need for true "clean and capture" (as opposed to simply high pressure cleaning that has no recovery systems and put mass amounts of water into our stormwater systems) coming to the fore as each week passes, this is indeed a very lucrative add on to supply to your customers, that will quickly make you a 'one stop solution centre' for your customers.

If you are currently in the Carpet Cleaning Industry, how many times have you parked on your customers driveway, unloaded your carpet cleaning equipments, walked over the tiles or stone once inside the house, only to clean the carpets in the bedrooms or other smaller areas?? With the way current water covenants and by-laws are being enforced to the existing pressure washing businesses, this is an industry that many of us can branch out into very quickly, and with the right machinery and equipment, can and possibly will become a very lucrative addition to your other services.

The building trend over the last 10 years has given birth to a new dimension in surface coverings. Traditional surfaces like carpet and vinyl have paved the way for a more natural and durable floor covering referred to as hard surface. Like all traditional surface coverings, hard surface requires maintenance on a regular basis in order to ensure its cleanliness and appearance. Will you adjust your services and cash in?

  Click on the play button below to view a movie on our PowerClean Truck Mounts in action.

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The Amazing Recycling 'Cyclone' Machine

High Pressure Clean and Capture Portable Machine

Vac-Boom - Waste Water Recovery System

PowerClean Industries Australia teamed with other industry professionals, specializes in all areas of concrete, tile and stone care/maintenance. If you are wanting serious equipment and support, you have definately come to the right place.