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  1. Orbot Sprayborg
    The ORBOT is the most compact, versatile commercial and residential orbital floor machine on the market.   With it’s unique driver system, ...
    $7,700.00 (GST included)
  2. VIBE
    The NEW HOS Orbot Vibe floor cleaning machine, compact and versatile for cleaning, stripping and polishing many different types of flooring including ...
    $5,456.00 (GST included)
  3. ECO-17 Orbital All Surface Floor Machine
    The new ECO-17 Orbital All Surface Floor is what you have been waiting for!  The Encap Machine is incredibly economical with unmatched in d...
    $4,235.00 (GST included)
  4. Orbot Tile and Grout Brush
    The Orbot Tile and Grout Brush scrubs tiles and grout lines like you've never seen before.
    $630.55 (GST included)
  5. Orbot Weight Kit
    The Orbot Weight Kit - designed for hard surface cleaning. Ideal for use of hard flooring - use for an aggressive grinding action when scrubbing, stri...
    $765.00 (GST included)
  6. $132.00 (GST included)
  7. $78.00 (GST included)
  8. $22.50 (GST included)
  9. $28.00 (GST included)

Items 1-9 of 11

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The Orbot Sprayborg Floor Cleaning system makes scrubbing floors easier.  It is versatile, compact and easy to use.  Ideal for encapsulation cleaning of carpets.  One machine that can polish, wax and strip hardwood floors, clean brick, stone, concrete, this lightweight floor cleaner cleans them all.