Rotary Extractor

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  1. Orbot Sprayborg
    The ORBOT is the most compact, versatile commercial and residential orbital floor machine on the market.   With it’s unique driver system, ...
    $7,700.00 (GST included)
  2. Hoss 700
    Sapphire Scientific Hoss 700 rotary extraction tool
    $4,510.00 (GST included)
  3. $2,190.00 (GST included)
  4. T Rex
    Say goodbye to traditional wand carpet cleaning.  With the T-REX™ – Total Rotary Extraction Tool carpet cleaning has never been easie...
    $4,100.00 (GST included)

4 Items

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Powerclean Industries is an Australian distributor of both the Sapphire Scientific Hoss 700 and Rotovac 360 range of rotary extractions tools