Here at PowerClean, we understand better than most how significant truckmounts are to the profitability of your business. When you make an initial enquiry, we will have a short conversation with you to determine which particular models will be best suited for you. After understanding your needs and expectations, we will then combine that with our decades of cleaning experience to provide you with the right truckmount that will become a vital asset for your business success, not only now, but for years to come.
We can also give advice on what vehicle may best suit your needs, and help you design your corporate logo, vinyl vehicle sign writing and even your website.

When you purchase truck mount cleaning equipment, you could provide the following services to your clients

Most truckmounts come standard with a carpet cleaning wand. By adding an upholstery tool attachment, you can also clean couches, chairs and even automobile upholstery with your truck mount.  You can attach also utilize a tile cleaning spinner to clean floors ranging from ceramic to quarry tile. Additionally if the truckmount you purchase is powerful enough, you can add a concrete clean and capture head and then clean driveways, pathways, pool surrounds etc. You can also purchase a pressure washing gun or gutter cleaning tool to use with your truck mount. This would come in handy for washing decks, gutters, concrete and aluminum siding. With some of the attachments you will be come a one stop solution for all of your clients cleaning needs!

At Power Clean Industries we are proud to distribute Sapphire Scientific truckmounts, which are a world leading in quality and performance.  

What is a Truckmount?


A truck mounted carpet cleaning machine is a carpet and upholstery cleaning unit (and if you invest in the correct machine it is also capable of cleaning hard surfaces like tile and grout and even concrete on some models) that is generally mounted to the floor of a van, truck or trailer.

Truck mounted carpet cleaning systems are primarily purchased by professional carpet cleaners or cleaners who are looking to put their 'best foot forward' in business. When purchasing carpet cleaning equipment, owners demand and receive truckmounted machines which can cut time on the job, perform deeper, more thorough cleaning, and dry the floor coverings much faster than any other machine. Truck mounts today dominate the professional cleaning industry.

All truckmounts are not designed alike. Choices must be made based on features and benefits to meet your exact needs. Initially, truck mounted carpet cleaning machines can be divided into two basic types:
- Carpet Cleaning Machines
- Multi-Surface Cleaning Machines

Carpet cleaning machinery generally has smaller engines, smaller water pumps, and smaller vacuum blowers. Multi-surface cleaning machines are the complete opposite. They have larger more industrial engines, higher capacity water pumps (both in pressure and volume) and larger vacuum blowers which generate increased levels of vacuum therefore equating to quicker dry times. Remember - just because something is marketed as a 'truckmount' doesn't mean it will have the performance that you require to do your job effectively.

General Operation

The operator will park the vehicle near the premises that requires cleaning and connect the fresh water feed hose (generally to an outside water tap) then also connect vacuum hose and pressure solution line hose into the machine, bring the hoses into the building and attach the carpet cleaning wand/upholstery tool/tile cleaning tool to the end of the hoses and proceed the extraction process. The water is then held in on board waste tanks that also are mounted inside the vehicle where you can store and dump the waste tank manually, or if you have purchased a professional truckmount, it will have an automatic pump out that will save you more time again.
The truckmount cleaning equipment will generate its own vacuum and also pressurize and heat the water. This heating method runs water through a coil of copper or stainless steel fins, which is then placed in a stainless steel tube, which has exhaust from the unit running over it. This super-heats the water in just seconds (there are other heating methods other than 'heat exchange' technology and are either propane or oil/diesel fired heating systems. While these units are normally slightly cheaper to purchase, the weekly running costs to heat their water quickly make these units more expensive in the long run) and with heat exchange technology, the water heating is free as our truck mounted cleaning machines capture wasted exhaust gases from the motor and also the vacuum blower.


No matter what size or brand of truck mount cleaning equipment you are considering there are four key components common to all units:

  1. Engine Power
  2. Water Pump
  3. Vacuum Blower
  4. Heat Exchange System

Engine Power - Unlike the smaller portable and electric extraction units, a large benefit of a truckmount is that it is self-contained. It powers itself, without any outside power source (e.g., electricity) required. This adds speed, flexibility, and power. We can clean anywhere at anytime with a truckmount.
Most truck mounts are petrol powered with some of the larger versions utilizing diesel motors. Engines used in most carpet cleaning equipment truck mounts is typically 18 hp to 35 hp and Multi-surface cleaning truckmounts go from 35 hp up to 68 hp and can be either air-cooled or water-cooled.

Water Pump - The water pumping systems built into truck mounts are high-pressure systems. Most carpet cleaning truck mounts produce only around 800-1000 psi, and multi surface cleaning truckmounts produce pressures from 1200-3000 psi. While performing carpet cleaning, we are generally operating at 300-400 psi and hard surface cleaning is done up to 3000 psi. The water pump needs to matched to the overall performance of the vacuum blower so that the high temperate, high-pressure solution that we are injecting onto the floor can be quickly and safely recovered without over wetting. Truck mounted carpet cleaning machines are more powerful than portable carpet cleaning units and can leave the floor coverings cleaner and drier because they simply have more hot water and more vacuum to recover their solution.
The quick setup and relatively easy use of the truck mount makes truckmounted carpet cleaning machines the main choice for professional cleaners.

Vacuum Blower - This is one of the MOST important components on your new truckmount. Truck mounts use positive displacement vacuum blowers that enable them to clean anywhere up to 120 metres (on larger models) from your truckmount with minimal loss of vacuum power. There is a direct relationship between vacuum power at the wand and the efficiency of water recovery. The larger the vacuum blower, the better the recovery. There are two energies involved when we talk about vacuum.
Air movement will be expressed as CFM (cubic feet per minute) and LIFT as inches of mercury. It will be commonly shown as Hg. (Hg is the chemical symbol for mercury. 1" Hg equals 13.5" water lift). Carpet Cleaning truckmounts will be capable of moving at least 270 CFM and larger Multi surface cleaning truckmounts as much as 850 CFM. These impressive vacuum levels result in significantly faster cleaning and are responsible for much less residual water in/on the floor covering after cleaning.

Heat Exchange System - Of great benefit whilst cleaning with truck mounted equipment is the high water temperature these truckmounts can sustain. It is a commonly accepted fact that water cleans better as temperature is increased, as long as the temperature does not exceed a level safe for the fabric we are trying to clean. With heat, the activity of cleaning chemicals is dramatically increased, which improves both the speed of cleaning and the effectiveness of soil removal. Some soils, particularly greasy soils, become particularly easy to remove with higher temperatures.
A well-engineered truck mounted system, supplied with cold water, is capable of producing a constant, reliable water temperature of 85 - 115 degrees C.


While we would love to run a normal 8am - 5pm business, we understand that most cleaners don't just work from 8 - 5. We have been cleaners ourselves for many years so we appreciate that if your truckmounted cleaning machines is going to give you trouble, it will probably be at the most inconvenient time. That is why we provide a 24 hour - 7 day a week emergency line.
In addition to this, if any of our clients need their machines worked on during normal hours, we give them priority rescheduling for emergency situations. PowerClean Industries Australia also provides unmatched service for maintenance and scheduled repairs. By keeping a large in-stock inventory of most truck mount equipment parts on hand we can handle most situations without stepping foot outside our warehouse. In addition to years of experience, every member of our full-time team is trained to ensure optimum service for your investment.

Whether you need troubleshooting advice on a confusing mechanical problem, technical support during part installation, or help ordering the right parts for a job our Technical Support team may be just what you need.

Things to Consider

Anyone who is currently researching the purchase of a truck mounted carpet / hard surface cleaning system should consider a few other important factors beforehand which will ensure the smooth, consistent, hassle free operation of the equipment in years to come.

Product Quality
The cleaning industry is no different to any other industry and while all truck mounts perform the same basic function, quality and performance can vary greatly.    We have truckmounts within the Sapphire Scientific range which are all high quality machines but with varied performance levels in order to meet different budgets of our customers. 

Installation & Maintenance
For more than just aesthetics, a truck mount should always be professionally installed.   Our highly skilled truckmount installers will safely and securely mount the machine with industrial bolts and underbody steel plates to make sure that in the unlikely event of an accident, that the truckmount stays put! Not only that, but when we install your truckmount, we will make sure that the fuel hook up is either done into your van tank (on petrol vans/trucks) or auxiliary underbody tanks (on diesel vans/trucks) is done to an Australian safety standard as well. Prior to safely installing your truckmount, we seriously evaluate the best installation area for you. Most times, we require your input (if you are already in the industry) as to your preferred installation configuration. Additionally (and if your new to the industry) we can give you helpful suggestions for different configurations and also find out what else you require to carry. We take all this on board and then perform the installation to the highest quality of anyone - anywhere! Our finished installs not only look fabulous, but are also very practical, allowing maximum remaining room in the van, while still being able to easily access and service vital components.

Extremely important in truck mount ownership is the coverage provided by the manufacturer against defective or failed parts. If the truckmount wasn't installed correctly, the stress of heat and vibration can take its toll and early component replacement could quickly eat up any initial savings in purchase price. Careful attention should be given to what the warranty does and does not cover.

What Vehicle Should I Use?

This all depends on two things

  1. Your demographic area
  2. Size of truckmount you need to fulfill your cleaning requirement.

The physical location your cleaning business will cover will determine this to a large extent. If you clean in the metro area of one of our major cities, things like parking and underground car park access will need to be addressed very early on. For instance, if you had a cleaning contract and the only parking was available in an underground car park, you wouldn't purchase a truck, as it physically wouldn't fit where you need it to go. The actual size of truckmounted cleaning machine will also determine what vehicle you require. For instance, if you wish to do concrete clean and capture (which requires the larger truckmounts) you wouldn't go and purchase a Hiace or equivalent sized smaller van as the machine simply will not fit in the cargo space of these type of vans.

Toyota LWB Hiace - Hyundai I-Load - Mercedes Vito - Mitsubishi Express
Pro - These size vans (especially the Hiace and I-Load) are the most popular size vans used in the industry. They can comfortably fit a standard sized truckmount and provide room for other cleaning accessories. Most of these vans are reasonably priced as new vehicles and some very good bargains can be found looking for these tidy vans on the second hand market. The money saved over purchasing a new van of the same model can be put to use in other forms of marketing your business. These vans are easy to drive and park, and can fit under most underground car parks and/or clients porticos/garages.
Con - Because there are so many vans on the road, from an advertising perspective, you can get lost in the crowd. It doesn’t take much to fill up the cargo space, and many veteran cleaners have found the need to purchase larger sized vans.

TrailerPro - Very cheap alternative to purchasing a van (providing you already own a vehicle to two it with. When nicely vinyl wrapped or sign written, a trailer can be a fantastic marketing tool. It can be parked in a very visible area whilst your not using it and can be a mobile billboard. A custom designed trailer is very eye catching as well and can serve as a good marketing tool. Good price for the cubic volume of cargo space they can provide. No need to purchase another vehicle.
Con - Not everyone is comfortable driving and especially reversing a trailer. A trailer cannot be parked easily in a metro location. It is very hard to find a good fully enclosed cleaning trailer that has a roof and at least 2-3 opening doors. Therefore most clients who go down this route have to wait a short period of time while a custom trailer is fabricated.


Toyota SLWB Hiace - Ford Transit - Iveco Fiat - Mercerdes Sprinter
Pro - These next size up vans have considerably more cargo space than the smaller vans mentioned earlier. Some of these larger vans have not only 1 sliding door on the side, but some also have another sliding door on the drivers side of the van as well. This allows us in the installation process a lot more opportunity to configure the van to carry more equipment, safely and professionally. Being a larger van, they are normally more comfortable, quite fuel efficient and when vinyl wrapped or sign written properly become a brilliant advertisement for your company.
Con - Some of the prices for these vans increase steeply over a standard sized van. If the van is European, servicing and repair costs could be more expensive than a more popular brand. Due to their phyical size, they cannot go under any underground car parks and/or clients porticos/garages.

Cab Chassis Truck and Pantec Body Configuration
Pro - Elite restoration contractors and large professional carpet and tile cleaning companies prefer the box trucks over an larger cargo van simply because they are bigger which allows cleaners to carry a lot more equipment. They are also fantastic for standing out from the crowd and giving the appearance that your company is head and shoulders above everyone else. A truck and pantec configuration is simply the best mobile marketing tool any company can have. They are literally a moving billboard on 4 wheels! And if you are one of the elite professional cleaners that need a large truckmount, this is one of the best options for ease of use and ease of servicing. A pantec body will also give you a lot of room for customization of both racking options and door/compartment configurations.
Con - Overall investment. A cab chassis truck is generally more expensive to purchase than a medium sized van in the first place. However, then you need to purchase a custom designed pantec on top of it, and not only does this cost more, there is also the build time on the pantec body. Normally the cab chassis trucks are the least efficient to run, because of the weight they are carrying. Having a pantec also means it is higher to lift your equipment into the cargo area, compared to a standard sized van.

Complete Packages

We try to make the entire truckmount purchasing process as simple and stress free as possible. We have put together a special offer that we call our Turnkey Package. Quite simply, our Turnkey Package is designed to allow any truckmount equipment buyer to drive straight from our warehouse to their next job with complete confidence. While this simplifies the process for experienced cleaning veterans, we feel it's even more important for our first-time truck mount owners. We can assist you on purchasing your van or truck, design and process the pantec body or trailer, complete the truckmount installation, design the vinyl sign writing on your van, design a website for your business, put you in contact with training professionals if you wish to be certified, stock your vehicle with only the correct accessories and chemicals needed to start up and get you operational, and fully educate you on exactly how to run your truck mount at maximum efficiency.
Whether you choose the turnkey package or a standard truck mount where you bring in your existing vehicle - you'll leave the PowerClean factory with all the knowledge you need to run your truck mount safely and efficiently.
While we install your new truckmounted cleaning equipment, one of our trained sales representatives will spend all the time you need, whether it's a 1 hour run-down of new features and service requirements or a day of individual attention, covering everything from hands on running of the machinery through to how to market your business - no matter if your are new to the industry or a cleaning veteran, PowerClean Industries Australia will adjust your truck mount handover to whatever level your company is at. We want you to maximize your business productivity and we think that knowing the ins and outs of your equipment is a great place to start.
We offer reasonable prices, exceptional customer service and nationwide delivery.

Things to think about

  1. From time to time your truck mount will need routine servicing and mechanical attention. When purchasing a truck mount, remember that you are also buying into a long-term maintenance and repair relationship with the company you bought it from. Do you feel they know their products inside out?Ask the supplier to satisfy you as to the availability of service and that the degree of expertise is adequate.
  2. Inquire about the extent of local stocking for repair parts. Here in Australia, it takes a long time to get spare parts. Many truck mount suppliers do not keep a large inventory of spare parts on hand.
  3. Do they have consistent, reliable service in all areas of Australia or can they put you in contact with a local service agent? The presence of a local distributor, who stocks repair parts and maintains a service shop, should be considered an important plus.
  4. Size of the Automatic Pump Out System. When researching different models, ask the salesperson what the output it and if it is an powerful external version, or infact a smaller less reliable Auto Pump Out that sits inside the wastetank submerged in the dirty debris and wastewater?
  5. When looking at Vacuum performance, ask for both figures. Most salespeople will only quote one figure. To get an accurate picture of the units performance, you need to know both the CFM and the Lift the particular machine will produce, and what revs the motor needs to be doing to achieve this. Some advertise a certain amount of CFM, but to achieve this, they need to run their motor above redline, which is certainly not a good idea for a long term trouble free lifespan on the truckmount.
  6. Ask just not what the PSI of the water pump is, but if the machine can actually produce this amount at the tool. Again, slick marketing has led many cleaners astray over the years. Just because something may be advertised has a 3000 psi water pump for instance, does mean the unit can develop 3000 psi of working water pressure.
  7. Jet sizes. When researching (and if you get the chance to physically demonstrate the machine) pay particular attention to what size jets the tools are utilizing. Most truckmount wands should have a flow of 6 at a minimum. Many potential truckmount purchases have been scammed by some sales people who have showed how hot a particular truckmount can get, but the neglect to show the client that they are only use low flow jets, therefore keeping more water in the truckmount to heat. However, in real world cleaning, the actual temperatures the machine will produce will be much lower when using a 'standard' cleaning wand.
  8. Installation - do you thoroughly bolt and plate the truckmount and waste tank through the floor on my vehicle. When we are servicing other brands of machines, we have noticed over the years that some companies are happy to get 1 main bolt through the floor, and simply coach screw the rest. This is simply NOT acceptable and is very dangerous for the operators whom drive the said vehicles.
  9. What happens if my machine breaks down over the weekend or late in the evening? This is a very important question as most suppliers after they have received your money and the truckmount transaction has been completed, simply move on to their next clients. Numerous stories like this about throughout our industry. Here at PowerClean Industries Australia though, we treat each of clients as individuals and will assist you at anytime we can.


As we said earlier, we do honestly try to make the entire truckmount purchasing process as simple and stress free as possible. Each and every year, we assist hundreds of either new business owners or current business owners like you into truckmounted cleaning equipment. We have trusted experienced and friendly finance brokers that will walk you through the entire financing process.
Our team will explain in simple to understand terms all of the finance options that you have available to you, because we understand that this is an important decision. No matter what size or style of truck mount you are thinking about purchasing, we will be able to answer any of the questions you may have.
When you take a close look at the cost of the lease repayments, and compare that to the hourly dollar rate you can earn, you will quickly realize that the truckmount will pay for itself with only a few hours of cleaning each day you will not only have covered the lease payments, but also earned a nice profit as well. Now that you can get through your work quicker each day, why not put some of the time into extra marketing of your business and really see the results sky rocket! Truckmounts not only save you time on the job, they also give your business a much more professional image - which when both of these points combine will help your business become more profitable.