Cleaning Chemicals

Power Clean chemicals are formulated with the most up-to-date cleaning chemistry from the within Australia, the United States and Europe.  This has resulted in the growth of the Powerclean range to be one of the most advanced product lines available to the professional cleaner within Australia.

What specifically makes our carpet cleaning, spotting and hard surface cleaning chemicals superior?

  • Radical Soil Penetrating Chemistry that includes nano technology and surfactant optimisation enables our cleaning solutions to penetrate dramatically faster and deeper into the fibre strands and pores. This releases oily soils from deeper in the fibre and in a dramatically quicker time frame than traditional chemistry.
  • Super rinsability means no resoiling. A unique combination of polymers and nano surfactant chemistry holds the emulsified soil in a molecule which has a super fast dissolution rate in water. This means the flushing and extracting process becoming dramatically more effective leaving fibres chemical and soil free.
  • Economical dilution rates.   Using high performance chemistry has enabled us to create products which are super concentrated without them separating or needing a “Shake before Use”.   This enables the professional cleaner to save meaningful dollars by buying high concentrate prespray detergents and diluting them down further.