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  1. X -Tract
    X-Tract is a premium quality extraction detergent liquid. This innovative emulsifier formulation has a well buffered pH, with a unique combination of ...
    As low as $77.30
  2. X-Tract Ultra
    X-tract Ultra is THE premium quality extraction detergent powder. Being a powder, it has more cleaning 'kick' than liquids do.This innovative emulsifi...
    As low as $73.10
  3. CleanRinse
    Clean Rinse is a unique dual purpose acid rinse which delivers powerful cleaning whilst at the same time providing the traditional pH neutralisation. ...
    As low as $40.20

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Emulsifiers / Extraction detergents and Rinses have become a vital tool for the modern professional carpet technician, where faster drying times and more effective cleaning action per wand stroke are “a must”. Powerclean’s emulsifiers and rinses pay special attention to high heat stability, cleaning performance and anti-resoiling action to ensure that every job is a success.