Leather Cleaning

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  1. Anti-Ageing Leather Care
    Quality Leather deserves quality care! The Anti-ageing Leather Care System cleans, protects and maintains.
    $32.50 (GST included)
  2. Soft Leather Cleaner
    Softer Leather Cleaner 250ml is a mild, water-based, pH neutral cleaner that is tough on removing soil and water-based stains....
    $15.00 (GST included)
  3. Strong Leather Cleaner
    Strong Leather Cleaner 250ml has twice as many active ingredients at Soft Leather Cleaner for heavy soiling and tough water-based stains....
    $16.90 (GST included)
  4. Leather Protection Cream
    Leather Protection Cream shields and protects your leather furniture.
    $27.80 (GST included)
  5. Colour Transfer Remover
    Leather Colour Transfer Remover removes tough pigment and dye-based stains.
    $61.00 (GST included)
  6. Leather Vital
    Leather Vital helps improve the feel of your leather products.
    $27.80 (GST included)
  7. Wax On
    Wax On is ideal for revitalizing and maintaining waxed leathers.
    $27.80 (GST included)
  8. Leather Cleaning Cloth
    Soft white leather cleaning cloth
    $0.90 (GST included)
  9. Sponge, small standard
    Sponge, small standard for leather cleaning
    $0.60 (GST included)

9 Items

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Quality furniture deserves quality care!  The Multimaster Leather Care range cleans, protects and maintains.  It is suitable for use on numerous leather items including furniture, furnishings, leather clothing, motor vehicle interiors, handbags and shoes.

The Leather Care range is the result of extensive research and development by the Multimaster team over 40 years and the respected range is now distributed in over 80 countries worldwide. 

Acknowledged for its quality, reliability, performance and safety, the Multimaster range is ideal for keeping your leather looking new.  Power Clean carries a full range of products to suit all your cleaning and maintenance needs - give us a call to find out more!!