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  1. Grease 'n' Gum Gone
    Grease 'n' Gum Gone is a super strength blend for removing gum, grease, tough oily soils and paints. It is formulated to work fast, even on tough gums...
    As low as $16.50
  2. Heavy Duty Protein Spotter
    HD Protein Spotter is a radical strength protein and blood removal formulation which also produces outstanding results on cleaning tough soiling from ...
    As low as $15.00
  3. De-Brown
    De-Brown is a high activity formula for neutralising and reversing alkaline browning (cellulosic browning) stains. This professionally researched form...
    As low as $11.20
  4. Oxy Spot
    OxySpot is a unique spotting solution for high performance removal of urine stains and the associated odours. This formulation contains stabilized hyd...
    As low as $14.00
  5. Spot-n-Boost
    Easily the best INK, Soil Filtration Line and general spot remover on the planet. Its highly sophisticated formula removes black filtration lines from...
    As low as $34.50
  6. Powerclean POG
    Powerclean's AP482 Poweclean POG is a super strength blend of powerful polar and non-polar solvents for removing tough oily soils, grease and paints. ...
    $94.80 (GST included)

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Powerclean Industries source a wide range of specialised spot cleaning chemicals for the professional cleaner. Having the right spotter for the specific stain will result in you being seen as the a professional by being able to successfully remove the more challenging stains.