Tile Cleaning Chemicals

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  1. PowerStrip
    Power Clean Powerstrip has a power-packed stripping action on solvent based coatings, burnish build-ups and semi-permanent sealers. It is safe for use...
    $81.50 (GST included)
  2. Solv Sealer Pro
    Solv Sealer Pro is a professionally formulated solvent based penetrating sealer providing exceptional protection for low porosity tiles and fine stone...
    As low as $48.40
  3. Secure 'n' Seal
    Secure ‘n’ Seal is a tough semi-permanent water based sealer incorporating modern thermoplastic technology providing a durable surface for interio...
    As low as $27.80
  4. Secure 'n' Shine
    Secure ‘n’ Shine is a new generation floor finish with the perfect blend of durability and hardness for traffic and black heel mark resistance and...
    As low as $27.80
  5. TileClenz Ultra
    TileClenz Ultra is a radical super strength stripper formulation providing serious power for removing tough porcelain wax films, polish build-ups, epo...
    As low as $95.80
  6. ChlorClean
    Chlorclean is a powerful chlorinated detergent with outstanding cleaning capabilities and potent anti-mould, anti-bacterial action giving it a vast va...
    As low as $29.00
  7. Stone Sealer Gold
    Stone Sealer Gold is a premium water-based penetrating sealer professionally formulated to provide unparalleled protection of marble, limestone, trave...
    As low as $64.90
  8. Solv Sealer Gold
    Solv Sealer Gold provides premium “nano-molecule” protection to low porosity tiles, fine stone and grout. It’s extremely small molecule structur...
    As low as $93.70
  9. Sealer Pro
    Sealer Pro is formulated to provide premium protection to sandstone, terracotta, saltillo, slate, quarry, clay, cement and masonry surfaces. It employ...
    As low as $183.30

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When it comes to hard surface cleaning, it really is essential that you have the right cleaning solution for the specific area being cleaned. If you get this wrong, the end result can be extremely costly especially if you are dealing with natural stone floors. On the other hand, with the right solution, you can save yourself a great deal of time on the job and achieve truly professional results.