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  1. Hel-Gel Orange
    Hel-Gel ORANGE is a citrus based gel that is quite unlike any competitive product: it WILL NOT leave a dirt attracting residue. It will dry to a cryst...
  2. Urine Decon Ultra
    Urine Decon Ultra is a unique spotting solution for high performance removal of urine stains and the associated odours. This innovative formulation co...
    As low as $16.00
  3. Nitro
    Nitro is a powerful colloidal pre spray booster that contains a concentrated blend of the best of modern cleaning and stain removal technology. This f...
    As low as $110.20
  4. FabriCap Ultra
    FabriCap Ultra is a unique upholstery cleaning detergent which is based on proprietary technology to provide a total solution to upholstery, delicate ...
    As low as $64.20
  5. Decon Ultra
    Decon Ultra is a professional odour neutraliser employing a synergistic combination of two powerful biocides and biocidal potentiators chemistry to ef...
    As low as $70.80
  6. Bioclenz Ultra
    BioClenz Ultra is a super concentrated prespray powder with powerful enzyme cleaning action for tackling tough organic and greasy soiling. BioClenz Ul...
    As low as $74.70
  7. Odorcide 210 in Original & Fresh Scent
    ODORCIDE 210 provides a serious answer to serious odour problems in carpet upholstery and hard surface areas. When everything else fails - this produc...
    As low as $142.00
  8. X-Tract Ultra
    X-tract Ultra is THE premium quality extraction detergent powder. Being a powder, it has more cleaning 'kick' than liquids do.This innovative emulsifi...
    As low as $73.10
  9. PowerClenz Ultra Heavy Duty Prespray
    Powerclean’s Powerclenz Ultra is a unique blend of high performance surfactant chemistry, soil release agents and solvents which combine to provide ...
    As low as $62.80

Items 1-9 of 10

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The be included in the 'Ultra' area on our website, it denotes that the particular product is a truly outstanding product. While we have a fantastic range of products, to earn the 'Ultra' name or be included in this section, the chemical either delivers better than average dilution ratios, or has simply unbeatable cleaning power compared to any other product in the marketplace.