Coffee Remover

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Coffee Remover is a highly effective formula used for removing even the toughest coffee, red wine, tea, coca cola stains!


Coffee Remover is a high activity formula for neutralising and removing coffee and tannin stains. This professionally researched formula includes a special blend of low pH compounds proven to remove tough tannin staining, coffee marks, cellulosic browning discolourations, water marks, red wine and many dye and beverage stains

Colour Clear Liquid
pH 1.0 to 2.0
Fragrance Metabisulphite odour
Dilution RTU
Safety Irritant
Pack Size 500Ml,5Lt


Innovative Chemistry –Coffee & Tannin Remover is a precise blend of metabisuphite and specialist low pH compounds known to be highly effective on tannin and dye removal.

Dynamic Penetration Feature –The inclusion of wetting agents and emulsifiers ensure that Coffee & Tannin Remover quickly and effectively penetrates each discoloured fibre and neutralizes the staining.

Celloulosic Browning –carefully selected blend of flow pH salts neutralize stains caused by alkaline browning and flood damage on woollen fibres.

Fibre SafeCoffee Remover is safe for use on all natural and synthetic fibres, however fine fabrics must be pre-tested for colour stability before use.