CoilShot Spray Gun Assembly

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Get the job done in one shot!

Introducing the future of coil cleaning – CoilShot® Condenser, ergonomically designed for easy use, deep cleaning and simple, quick attachment.  CoilShot uses a revolutionary tablet-based system that saves time and helps complete tasks faster and more efficiently than bulky, heavy coil cleaners on the market today.  Simply attach to garden hose, insert tablet, then dial in your custom foaming level to blast dirt and debris better than ever before!

• Quickly and easily clean condenser coils.

• Replaces bulky liquid coil cleaners with small tablets.

• Saves on the hassle and waste of liquid coil cleaner.

The new CoilShot® condenser cleaner is redefining the coil cleaner market!

This powerful coil cleaning tool uses a revolutionary tablet-based system that’s easier to carry, prevents wasted coil cleaner and eliminates guesswork – just one pack of tablets replaces an entire case of coil cleaner!   Tablets are lightweight, create a safer work environment and are compact in size – leaving more room for more important materials to fit in the truck.

The CoilShot® tool is designed to propel cleaner deep into coils for a better, more superior clean in just a fraction of the time.  It attaches to standard garden hose and also features quick connect fittings for easy accessory attachments.   For more flexibility and better cleaning, use with the optional 1 Mtr CoilShot® Cleaning Wand.