Colour Transfer Remover

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Leather Colour Transfer Remover removes tough pigment and dye-based stains.

Colour Transfer Remover removes tough pigment and dye-based stains such as dye transfer, ink, and print transfer.  Colour Transfer Remover uses the latest advancements in cleaning technology to gently draw stains to the surface of the leather, where they can be easily removed.   This ensures that Colour Transfer Remover is not only highly effective on stains, but also that it is also gentle on leather.

Dwell time:      In most cases dye transfer will wipe straight off with Colour Transfer Remover, but the dwell time required will vary from seconds to overnight depending on how far the stain has penetrated into the leather. 

Cleaning power:      Very high (use with care)

Suitable for:      Pigmented and aniline leather

TIPS:       Colour Transfer Remover can also be used to remove stains caused by ballpoint ink, markers, shoe polish, lip stick and textas. For such a high power cleaner, Colour Transfer Remover is quite gentle on the leather, but remember not rub or scrub the leather – this will cause damage. After removing the stain with Colour Transfer Remover you will need to remove any residue using Soft Cleaner or Strong Cleaner.

Please note:      this product should not be used on dark coloured leather.