Concrobium Mould Control

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Concrobium Mould Control
This triple purpose (remediation, cleaning and prevention) antimicrobial product encapsulates and eliminates mould spores and prevents mould growth with no harmful chemicals.
Concrobium Mould Control® is an USA EPA-registered solution that eliminates and prevents mould without any harmful chemicals. The colorless, odorless solution is used by professionals for:
  • Mould clean-up and prevention

  • Disaster restoration

  • Pre-treatment of building materials

  • Musty odour control

  • Concrobium Mould Control dries to form an invisible antimicrobial shield that encapsulates and physically crushes mould spores. The antimicrobial barrier remains on surfaces to provide continuous protection against mould growth.
    Recommended Uses

    Concrobium Mould Control can be used in homes, businesses, caravans, boats – anywhere that mould takes hold.
    Disaster restoration - mould remediation and prevention following flooding and leaks
    Construction and renovation – pre-treatment of building materials (e.g. gyprock, timber etc) for mould prevention; elimination of mould found during renovations
    Safe for use on virtually any surface (finished and unfinished): gyprock, timber, plaster, concrete, siding, shingles, composite decking, metal, marble, tile, grout, fabric, upholstery, furniture, sporting goods and clothing.
    Application Guidelines

    Application- For best results, apply a thin, even coating of Concrobium Mould Control to the surface, and allow to dry thoroughly. Once dry, use product to clean any residual staining. If staining persists, use Concrobium Mould Stain Remover to completely remove all mould staining. Leave a thin, even coating of product on the surface to provide protection against mould.
    Application techniques- Roller, brush, rag, garden sprayer. Can also be applied with a ultra low volume (ULV) fogging machine to treat large or inaccessible areas.
    Coverage- Coverage varies according to surface and application method.
    Fogging: approximately 130 square metres per 3.78 litre container (the equivalent of a 6 mtr x 6 mtr room with 2.4 mtr high ceilings, all surfaces).
    Spray (manual or compression sprayer): Approx. 46 square metres per each 3.78 litre container depending on sprayer type and surface absorbency.
    Concrobium Mould Control is a patented solution comprised of three naturally-occurring salt compounds. The proprietary solution dries to form an invisible polymer that eliminates mould and prevents new mould growth. The solution does not contain any harmful chemicals and in independent lab tests received the safest toxicity rating possible (Category lV).