Cool Cuff Adapter 2"

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The Adapter is designed to give you a locking connection at your truckmount. Install it permanently with the stainless worm-gear clamp provided. Most guys' hose connections start there at the intake port or clear-view filter thus the starter cuff. Wherever you connect to your truckmount this is where you install the starter cuff. Most guys just hook up to the intake port. If you hook-up to the intake port then your adapter goes there. If you hook-up to a clear-view filter then your adapter goes there. You can install two or more adapters as needed like one on either end of your clearview filter. Just remember to follow the Ladies First rule: when you first roll your vac hoses onto the reel make sure the female part goes onto the reel first (there should already be a male on the hose to screw it to). This way when you get to the job and you strip-off your hoses you've got a female in your hand to screw onto the Adapter. Most truckmounts have a 2" intake port so you just slide on the adapter and tighten down the stainless clamp provided with the adapter. If your machine has a barbed port (Hydramasters and Prochem's etc) you will need to file down the 2" plastic barb a little bit to accept the adapter. It's easy to do with a grinder or file. Some guys run a 2" hose from their waste tank to the van's door and screw on a Male instead of an Adapter. Schematic: Truckmount Outlet a Adapter a F- M a F- M a F- M a Cleaning ToolThe female Swivel makes a good swivel at the 2" wand. Just install an adapter onto the wand then screw onto the adapter. You've got a quality Viton oring seal and to go along with the Twist n Seal connection.