Cool Cuff Set 2"

$36.00 (GST included)
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• Easy to use - A simple 1/4 turn and it's connected. The latch locks it shut.
• Can't separate - Go up stairs around corners around the reel. It won't come apart.
• Durable - Rugged polypropylene (not vinyl) holds up to years of abuse.
• Looks Cool - It's only about half the length it's ergonomic and the ends are tapered.
• Inexpensive - Costs less than what it replaces: cuffs barb and strap.
• Long lived - Easily outlasts the other connectors you've used.
• Compatible - Threads right onto your vac hoses just like your regular cuffs did.
• Versatile - The original locking cuff system. Seals locks and swivels. Patented.
• Interchangeable - Reduces from 2" to 1 /1/2" with swivel or lock. Your choice.
All Cool Cuffs come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!!
You need one set of Cool cuffs for each section of hose.
And you need the adapter (also called starter cuff) wherever you hook to your truckmount.