Cimex CR48 Scrubber

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The 19" Cimex machine is the king of the commercial carpet cleaning jungle! High production carpet cleaning rates of 190-300 square metres per hour! Plus it can be used to scrub all types of hard flooring too. Powerful counter-rotating triple PLANETARY cleaning head performance. The 19" model is a 400rpm unit and it comes with the standard 25 litre solution tank.


The Cimex C48 & CR38 scrubber/polishers are multi-purpose machines suitable for scrubbing, cleaning and polishing virtually every type of floor in a commercial or industrial environment. 

Applications include: 

  • Commercial carpet
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Carpet restoration
  • Residential carpet


  • Deep cleaning Planetary action, cleans all sides of the fibre in a single pass. 
  • Unique planetary agitation eliminates tearing carpet seams and edges.
  • Floating brushes provide effective cleaning action which reverses brush action every time the unit is engaged extending brush and pad life.
  • Non-marking wheels for a truly professional finish.
  • Less operator fatigue, no kick action like single head machines.
  • Because of the way the triple brush action moves it prevents cable snagging.
  • The solution is delivered through the centre of the brushes reducing splash and has a non-clog solution valve for uninterrupted operation.
  • The Cimex machines are belt drive for quiet operation, ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and schools.
  • Centrally mounted motor gives even brush pressure.


      A unique feature of Cimex Rotary Machines is the patented 400 rpm planetary 3-brush mechanism, incorporating a counter rotating system which not only ensures a more thorough cleaning action, but also allows greater operational control with a torqueless action.  This 3-brush system makes the operator's task much easier by reducing operator fatigue due to the tendency to "slide" which can be encountered with a single-brush machine.  The unique planetary 3 head counter-rotating design enables the Cimex to scrub in ALL directions with each cleaning pass.
      The Cimex has 3 counter-rotating brushes.  The 3 brushes spin clockwise while the drive deck turns counter-clockwise.  So it’s actually turning in both directions simultaneously, effectively scrubbing all sides of the fibre with each pass.  To put this into context, the Cimex is over 6 times more efficient than a standard rotary machine.   Three brushes spinning at 400 rpm as compared to one brush turning at 175 rpm means there's a 600% increase in cleaning aggression.   In other words, if we were to clean a very dirty carpet with 3 passes using the Cimex it would require 18 passes with a standard rotary machine to accomplish the same thing. And since the brushes are counter-rotating, there's no tip bloom or damage to the carpet.   The Cimex can clean 200 - 300 square metres per hour on the average.

What Scrubbing Pads should I use?
We suggest using Fibreplus pads as your No 1 choice for carpet cleaning.  The carpets are thoroughly scrubbed using soft synthetic elastomeric pads along with the 3M Instalock pad drivers.