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Encap GREEN is a unique blend of plant-based surfactants coupled with a brittle drying copolymer.    At Use Dilution it is 99.7% readily biodegradable.  Completely safe & enviornmentally friendly but tough on the grime and grease!

Encap GREEN is a unique blend of plant-based surfactants coupled with a brittle drying copolymer.  

Safe and environmentally friendly with over 99.7% readily biodegradable ingredients at use dilution.  Encap GREEN does not contain any petroleum distillates, butyl, ammonium hydroxide, enzymes, phosphates, etc.  Side-by-side tests with competitive non-green products will convince you of both its cleaning power and its ability to remove mal-odor.  Dilution rate for most carpet is only 32 parts of water to 1 part of Encap Green!   It can handle the toughest grease and grime.

Test for color fastness before applying any cleaning product to carpet or upholstery.  Shake well before mixing and mix product according to directions using the dilution ratios listed above and on the label.

Pre-vacuum or pile lift carpet to remove dry particulate soil.  Can be applied with any normal method of applying pre-spray such as a pump-up sprayer or a gravity fed system such as used with a Cimex & some rotary machines.

Depending on application method and degree of soiling, apply at 20 - 50 sqaure metres per 5 litres of RTU solution.

For best results - agitate the solution into the carpet pile with a high agitation machine such as an Oscillating Pad, Rotary Bonnet, Cimex, or Counter-Rotating Brush type machine.

For cat urine or other severe odor, first treat the area with Powerclean Urine Decon Ultra.   ENCAP GREEN is synergistic with Urine Decon Ultra and can be a great aid in removing odor when used immediately after and in conjunction with it.   Using the two products in this way is like giving odor a “One-Two Punch”.

Soil Removal Methods: 

Encapsulation only method:   Remove encapsulated soil by vacuuming thoroughly when carpet is dry or have your client vacuum at the next scheduled vacuuming interval.

Combination method:   Also called PadCapping or BonnetCapping:  To remove the majority of the soil, simply clean as usual using a bonnet or oscillating pad machine.  When the carpet has dried it can then be vacuumed to remove any remaining encapsulated soil.

Hot Water Extraction:   Apply Encap GREEN, agitate then rinse with any extraction machine as normal.   If all product and dirt isn’t completely extracted, it will dry brittle and will be vacuumed away during routine vacuuming by the client.