Flash XTractor by WaterClaw

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The FlashXtractor™ Subsurface Water Extraction Tool raises the bar in water removal effectiveness whether working in conjunction with portable or truck mounted extraction equipment. Quite simply, the FlashXtractor™ is the best performing, most cost effective extraction tool on the market.

The FlashXtractor Sub-Surface Water Extraction Tool!

Removes More Water in Less Time
In comparative lab testing it left considerably less water, as much as 35% less compared to other recently introduced tools. Patent pending base design eliminates dead spots so you do not have to do any further wand extraction when you are finished. Even in black water floods, the FlashXtractor can be used to evacuate more water faster, allowing you to more easily remove, carry out, and dispose of contaminated carpet and pad.

A flexible, telescoping handle allows the operator to work in tighter places under stairs. The handle folds up, allowing for compact storage, and the ability to hang on a wall. Fits both 1-1.5" and 2" vacuum hose. No vacuum release is necessary due to the ridges incorporated in the design to optimize air flow and suction. Right angle vacuum hose connector keeps the vacuum hose out of the way. The technician simply steps onto the FlashXtractor, allowing it to remove incredible amounts of water all the way to the sub-floor, pull the handle back to break the suction seal, and reposition the unit to the next spont when you see the water stop flowing. Unit is 16.5" W by 9.5" L

Durable Construction
The high modulus impact resistant plastic base wa incetion molded with the 90 degree angle hose cuff connector molded right to the base. The design was tested for durability by repeatedly driveing a GMC diesel pick up truck over the base, WITHOUT BREAKING IT! The adjustable height, removable, stainless steel handle is spring mounted to make it more flexible in order to clean in tight spaces such as under the stairwell and the bracket that holds the handle is molded right to the base. No screws to lose or gaskets or seals to replace.