Floormaster Portable Extractor

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The new Floormaster line of carpet extractors will take your cleaning capabilities to the next level with the combination of power, versatility and efficiency.  The Floormaster carpet extractor offers unmatched performance and reliability to get the job done right.

The Powerclean Floormaster automatic portable carpet extractor offers performance that far exceeds the standard vacuum and air flow of a regular extractor. The FloorMaster is manufactured in the USA to our custom specifications using select components to ideally suit the Australian market. The construction and design of the extractor is robust, user friendly and encompasses features such as a top mounted control panel, large semi-pneumatic wheels that provide for easier stair climbing and several other practical benefits. The Floormaster extractor utilises an advanced design genuine Cat brand oil free pressure pump. The extractor has two high airflow 3 stage vacuum motors that run in parrallel with twin vacuum ducting feeding directly into the waste resevoir. Most extractors have the motors arranged in a series configuration (one motor drawing air through the second motor) and only use a single vacuum tube feeding into the waste tank. The combination of high performance 3 stage motors, parallel motor configuration with twin vacuum stacks provides  a vastly superior level of airflow that is approximately double that of most extractors on the market. The body is manufactured in a rotationally moulded polyethylene that is stronger, lighter and more scratch resistant than a fibreglass body. The Floormaster extractor body is covered by a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.  


  • All extractors are electrically overhauled to insure that all electrical components including switches, motors and so on are 240 volt/ 50hz compatible and that the overhauled equipment is C-tick compliant. Rf filters are installed on each power circuit and units are partially rewired due to alternate electrical standards between the USA and Australia. 
  • The dual 3-stage high performance vacuum motors within the Floormaster extractor mount directly under the waste reservoir and have twin vacuum stacks ported directly into the tank above to provide the absolute maximum airflow and overall performance. The superior porting provides for less restrictions and higher air flow which in turn provides for enhanced drying capabilities.


  • An optional accessory tray allows for a wand and hoses to be carried on the portable as well as a carrying spotter bottles or similar accessories.
  • Includes chemical injection - Note - this feature works on auto water fill mode only as the chemical draws into the water reservoir as the tank is filling


  • Cat 500psi Cat brand pressure pump - 100 to 500 psi adjustable water pressure
  • 45 litre solution tank and 45 litre waste recovery capacity
  • Top-mounted control panel


  • Large motor cavity-easy access for simplistic maintenance
  • 25cm rear foam filled wheels and locking front castors provide for excellent manouevrability and stable positioning


  • Motor cavity cooling system
  • Professional look and built for durability 
  • Construction: rotationally moulded polyethylene body 
  • Weight: 62 Kg



 Body  Roto-molded polyethylene
 Tank  45 litres
 Vacuum  Dual 3 stage High Performance
 CFM  230
 H20  144"
 Cat Pump  Piston
 PSI  Adjustable 500
 Cat Pump LPM  8.3
 Pump-out LPM  12
 Automation  Auto-fill kit for solution tank, automatic pump-out for recovery tank
 Wheels  25cm
 Locking casters  10"
 Power Cord  Single lead
Amp Draw  10 amps
Included  Chemical injection system inclusive of external jug and bracket
Product Weight  62 Kg
Product Dimensions        77cm deep x 51cm wide x 107cm high


Optional extras:

  • Accessory tray


  • Defoaming kit


  • Exhaust muffler


  • External 2400 watt inline heater


  • External AR Blue 150-1450psi pressure pump
  • 7.5 metre x 1 1/2" or 15 metre x 2" hose sets
  • variety of carpet cleaning wands or tile spinners to suit 


Warranty: 5 years on body, 12 months on all major components, 3 months on pump seals. Excludes wear items.

- Warranty does not cover damage caused by incorrect use or poor treatment of the unit or damage to pump or pump seals through using corrosive cleaning solutions or solvent based solutions. Warranty repairs are to be carried out by one of our preferred service agent however in the event that we do not have a preferred repairer within close proximity of the machine owner, we will contact and arrange for a local repairer to carry out any warranty repairs at our expense. 

Body Roto-molded polyethylene
Tank 45 litres capacity (approx.)
Vacuum Dual 3 stage HP
CFM 230
H20 144"
Cat Pump Piston
PSI Adjustable 500
Cat Pump GPM 1.5
Pump-out GPM 3.3
Automation Auto-fill for solution tank, automatic pump-out for recovery tank
Wheels 25 cms
Locking casters 4"
Power Cord Single Lead 15 metres
Amp Draw 10 AMPS
Included 2” Cuff-Lynx™ coupler swivel (2" female x 2" female vac hose) and 2” to 1.5” Cuff-Lynx™ reducer(2" female x 1.5" female), drain elbow, pack of 25 Piglet™ filters
Product Weight 70 kgs
Shipping Weight 81 kgs (does not include pallet weight)
Product Dimensions 76 cm x 51 cm x 107 cm
Shipping Dimensions 95 cm x 55 cm x 129 cm