How to remove Red Wine Stains

5 Simple Steps to Remove Red Wine Stains

Spring is well and truly here!  Everyone is enjoying the warm weather, catching up with family and friends and generally entertaining. 

We all love this time of year but not necessarily the resulting stains on carpet and fabric!

Red Wine Stain Removal


When your customer calls, be confident that you can easily remove those red wine, coffee, tea and coca cola stains!

Chemical: Use Powerclean Coffee Remover undiluted for severe contamination or dilute 1:1 for lesser affected areas and for use on upholstery

5 Simple Steps to success:

  1.  Spray solution onto the affected fibre or fabric (at 1:1) until it is wetted out.
  2. Agitate solution using a carpet rake or upholstery cleaning brush.
  3. Allow 10 – 20 minutes reaction time.
  4. Rinse extract using Clean Rinse or Xtract Ultra
  5. Allow to dry. Assist drying by increasing ventilation.

 Other helpful tips:

  • If the area has been already steam cleaned, the spot can be treated with Coffee Remover and just blotted with a dry white absorbent cloth. Blot until as much colour as possible has been transferred to the cloth and then leave. Coffee Remover will continue to fade the remaining stain.


  •  If the area has not been steam cleaned then it is important that the Coffee Remover Treatment is rinsed with wet extraction equipment. This will help prevent any wick-back. If the stain is still evident, apply a mist of Powerclean Oxy Spot and leave to work overnight (use 1:1 on natural fibre and do not use on vegetable dyed rugs). Oxy Spot is self-neutralising and will not require additional rinsing.


  •  For tough stains, the treated spot can be sprayed with prespray solution after the Coffee Remover has been applied. This will further activate the chemistry for even better results as Powerclean Coffee Remover also contains a reducing agent which is accelerated by mixing with an alkaline solution. (Do not do this on upholstery, rugs or unstable fibres)


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