MicroBeast 17" Microfibre Bonnet

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The Microbeast 17" Microfibre Bonnet is the ideal choice for most commercial and residential carpets. It offers a high level of soil suspension, plus added agitation. Made from unique microfibre, this bonnet has quickly become one of the most popular among professional cleaners.

The Microbeast micorfibre bonnet can handle many of the challenges that any professional cleaner may encounter.  This unique fibre offers excellent soil suspension, as well as easy cleanability that ensures longevity of the bonnet.

The Microbeast  bonnet has distinct scrub strips and provides a level of agitiation that makes it a terrific all-round bonnet for commercial carpets, as well as a large percentage of residential carpets.  They absorb soil extremely well and have added scrubbing action.  The Microbeast  has become only of the most popular among professional cleaners since its introduction to the marketplace.