Mr Hardwater Polisher

$545.00 (GST included)
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The Mr Hardwater Polisher is ideal for use on any hard water removal.  It’s light weight and durable design make it your go-to tool for this specialised application.

The Mr Hardwater polisher is ideal for use on any hard water removal.  Designed with the user in mind, it is light weight and durable.

Features include:

    • 300 – 3000 rpm variable speeds
    • Total weight 2kg
    • ON/OFF switch is located on top of the polisher
    • Variable speed switch located at its base next to the electrical cord
    • Includes Electric Breaker for your safety when working around water
    • Includes hoses for doing tile and stone

    The polisher includes a 5/8” 11 thread drill bit that can accommodate both a 5” and 7” backer plate.  Replacement of the backer plate is simple – depress black button on the top of the polisher above the drive shaft and twist the backer plate until it locks into place.  Continue twisting the plate until it unscrews.  Hand tighten the backer plate.