Nock-it-out RTU Qrt

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Xerion's 'Nock-It-Out' is specially formulated to attack dirt grease and grime with a powerful punch of synergistic action and is designed to leave no shampoo residues and is an environmentally responsible product.

Nock-It-Out' has world class professional strength and is a carpet cleaning spot remover with exceptional value that should also be used as cleaning booster to our 'Encapsolution' crystals and is ideal for highly soiled areas.

• Use full strength with trigger sprayer. Product is ready to use.
• Adjust spray nozzle for size of spot. Apply solution and run the machine and bonnet over the spot always neutralizing with "Encapsolution" carpet cleaning crystals or water. You may also apply the solution and agitate the spot with a soft hand pile brush then wipe or blot with clean white towel and neutralize as above.
• Always test for color fastness by spraying in an inconspicuous area.