Brick floors are beautiful when properly cleaned and preserved.

Revive Brick Flooring
Bricks are made from clay and other materials which are formed into shapes then fired in a kiln to make them strong and durable. Red bricks contain large amounts of iron; yellow bricks contain little iron.

Caring for a porous brick floor is a lot of work no matter what you do. However, when using the Orbot it becomes a much simpler process. Engineered with Orbital Drive Technology, the Orbot is sensitive to clean even hard surfaces such as brick, restoring them to their natural beauty every time with minimal effort.

The Orbot is the most compact, versatile commercial and residential orbital floor machine. The Orbot has been engineered to offer 3 machine sizes all in one: 17", 19", and 21". In one single machine, the Orbot's cleaning path can transform from 17 inches up to 21 inches by simply changing out the driver to the required size. This unique driver system also mounts to an assortment of pads and brushes to clean, scrub, sand, strip, and polish any carpet and hard floor