The SprayBorg HEAT is an electric on-board, in-line, 11 litre, bottle cartridge pre-spray system that is mounted on the Orbot orbital floor cleaning machine. The in-line heater can heat chemicals up to 100 degrees C. This unique bottle cartridge spray system is controlled at the tip of your thumb, which allows the operator to spray precisely in front of the machine. The SprayBorg’s innovative design allows the operator to easily premix as many 3-gallon bottles as needed. When empty, simply replace the cartridge with a new premixed bottle and continue cleaning. The design also eliminates spills and reduces the overall weight of the machine for easy lifting and storage.

SprayBorg with Heat Features:

  • HOS Orbot SprayBorg HEAT – With the in-line heater, chemicals are heated up to a steaming 100 degrees C.
  • Click here for detailsHOS Orbot SprayBorg – The Orbot can transform to the Orbot SprayBorg in a matter of seconds. The spray system can be attached to or removed from the Orbot in about a minute, due to the SprayBorg’s unique mounting system consisting of only 2 bolts and 2 wing nuts. It’s that easy!
  • HOS 11 litre Cartridge Bottle System – Change out premixed solution bottles in seconds. Eliminates spills and reduces overall weight of machine for lifting and storage.
  • HOS Twin Jet Anti-Drip Spray System – Creates an equal flow pattern that is applied directly to the carpet. This unique flow pattern eliminates solution streaks that cause uneven dry patterns.
  • HOS SprayBorg Flow-Control System – Control the GPM flow rate on the SprayBorg. Settings can range from a dribble up to 4 litres per minute - you decide!
  • HOS Compact System – Orbot folds down to 76cm in height which makes the machine easy to transport and store.
  • HOS EasyFlip Base – Base flips up for quick and easy pad changing.
  • HOS Pad-Driver Sizes – The 43cm (17”) Orbot can quickly and easily be converted to a 48cm (19") and 53cm (21") machine. One machine fits all driver options. On a side note, the 43cm (17") driver can run up to 48cm (19") or even 53cm (21") pads comfortably, whereas the 53cm (21") driver can run 53cm (21") pads.
  • HOS Big Wheels – Orbot comes with jumbo 25cm wheels for conquering any type of staircase, steps, curbs, holes, and or other obstacles in its path.
  • HOS Baby Weight – Orbot weighs in at only 37 kgs.
  • HOS Vertical Handle – Vertical handle grips for easy operation and lower back stress relief.
  • HOS Motor – Orbot has a powerful 1 horsepower universal motor that generates 1725 oscillations per minute.  
  • HOS Quick Connect Cord – Orbot comes with a quick connect cord system for easy cord removal.
  • HOS Thumb-Touch Control Button System – Orbot turns on, off, and sprays right at the tips of your thumbs.
  • HOS Velcro Driver Plate System (VDP) – Velcro Driver plates can be removed and replaced with a new Velcro plate within seconds if it ever gets worn out.
  • HOS Smooth-Glide System – Use the HOS Gliders to make cleaning that much easier than it already is. They also help in cleaning shag carpet and other types of fragile carpets.