Using wood flooring has bigger advantages than the other flooring materials.

Natural Wood Floors
Wood floors have a simplicity that can instantly enhance any residential or commercial premises. It looks elegant, and its neutral color and style makes decorating easier. Decking also looks great but is usually outdoors and so exposed to the elements, meaning it required more maintenance.

The Orbot cleaning system is ideally suited to cleaning wood floors or decking because it can remove scratches and cuts without damaging the floor itself. Book a demonstration to see how versatile the Orbot can be.

The Orbot is the most compact, versatile commercial and residential orbital floor machine. The Orbot has been engineered to offer 3 machine sizes all in one: 17", 19", and 21". In one single machine, the Orbot's cleaning path can transform from 17 inches up to 21 inches by simply changing out the driver to the required size. This unique driver system also mounts to an assortment of pads and brushes to clean, scrub, sand, strip, and polish any carpet and hard floor