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Description - PeeRadicator is a proprietary blend of oxidizing, penetrating and cleaning agents that uses the power of natural oxygen to destroy strong odorous materials and most stains associated with them. When used properly, it will destroy sever odor, such as cat urine odor, in a matter of minutes.
Applications - PeeRadicator can be used on all colorfast synthetic carpet including nylon, polypropylene & polyester. It can also be used on commercial, residential, looped, cut pile, cut & loop, plush, etc. Do not use this product on natural fibers such as wool or silk.
Directions - Just prior to use, dissolve 8oz per gallon in hot tap water... NOTE: Water hotter than hot tap water could cause extreme foaming to occur.
bApply the dissolved PeeRadicator as soon as possible after mixing (no later than 10-15 minutes). Completely saturate the affected areas by pouring the solution directly on them. Discard any unused mixture because it will lose most of its effectiveness within 15-20 minutes after mixing.
Give PeeRadicator 20 to 30 minutes dwell time,then flush throughly with water. NOTE: A lot of
moisture is used in this procedure and should be removed from the carpet and pad. When using PeeRadicator without pulling up the carpet, a waterclaw is an excellent tool to use for flushing.