PowerClean Genesis ZXT

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The PowerClean Genesis is now powered by the massive 68 hp E.F.I. Zenith Engine which then drives a 850 cfm Roots blower and a Cat pump that will produce 3000 psi heated water solution. If you are looking for the ULTIMATE truckmounted machine look no further as you have now found it.
What can an 850 CFM flame throwing Genesis 59 SS do for your business?
How about these features:
? Stainless Steel Frame and Stainless Steel Waste Tank
? True dual wand capability with nearly double the CFM of competitive machines
? Simple design lowers maintenance costs and dramatically decreases time required to perform regular maintenance
? True 3 000 PSI heated pressure washing ability makes the Genesis the best choice for tile and grout cleaning
? Quiet operation for operating in residential areas or performing after hours commercial work
Zenith Fuel Injected Power
Zenith engines have been in use in our industry for many years and their track record is impeccable. When designing the new Genesis 56SS and the new Genesis 59SS we wanted to make certain that the powerplant we chose would be capable of providing years of trouble-free operation. The 68 hp Fuel Injected water cooled engine is more than capable of delivering all the power that you demand while running cool year round. Fuel injection means lower fuel consumption smoother starts and shut-downs and an overall smoother running machine. The net result of pairing the large Zenith engine with the powerful Roots blower and ultra-reliable Cat pump is the highest performing most reliable truck mount on the market today! No other truck mount in the industry can boast of this combination of industry leading components and no other truck mount will deliver the simple trouble-free performance of a Genesis 59 SS!
Roots Reliability
All Genesis units feature your choice of a powerful Roots 56 or an even more impressive Roots 59 blower! Roots blowers are unquestionably the highest quality blowers on the market today and are backed by the industry?s finest warranty. Roots has set the industry standard as far as raw drying power as well. Today other blower manufacturers have come up with fancy designsthat they use as a smokescreen to hide behind. The truth of the matter is simple: Roots blowers have the strongest gears and attachments and produce as much as 20% more CFM than some competitive blowers*. No marketing gimmicks no trickery just the highest quality highest performing and most reliable blowers on the market today. New DSL Technology providessuperior lubrication reduces wear and increases longevity! We could have used other styles (such as tri-lobe etc) however when you see the testing results you will come to the same conclusion we did!! Bi-Lobe blowers are still the way to go for our industry.
If you are comparing truckmounts ask your supplier point blank - Which produces more airflow? A Bi-Lobe blower or a Tri-Lobe Blower and watch their reaction. You can then research the answer for yourself! DO NOT GET MISLEAD WITH MARKETING GIMMICKS!

The PowerClean Genesis comes with your choice of either...
Roots 56-DSL - 570 CFM with Dual Splash Lubricated for longer life.
or the massive
Roots 59-DSL - 850 CFM with Dual Splash Lubricated for longer life. This is our flagship model and is by far the most popular machine that we supply!
Dresser Roots Blower Warranty - Exclusive 30 month warranty through PowerClean Industries!
Roots DSL Blowers have an oil capacity as much as double the competitive units (based on blower sizeand configuration). Why is this important to you?
? Oil may run cooler due to greater volume to dissipate heat
? Fewer ?turns? of oil with greater volume
? Cooler running means oxidation is minimized
? Oil changes may be less frequent due to cooler operation and fewer "turns"
? Bearings and seals may have increased life expectancy
Cat Pumps Only the Best
When it came to deciding which brand of water pump to use on the Genesis the choice was simple. Superior reliability and longevity as well as ease of maintenance made Cat the obvious pump of choice for all PowerClean Industries machines. Genesis units comes standard with Cat 5CP pumps and deliver as much as 3 000 PSI @ 19 litres per minute of water flow for unmatched performance and versatility! The Genesis heating system was designed to easily withstand these pressures and allow you to clean tile grout and other hard surfaces with heated solution for maximum cleaning power!
Featuring Service-Smart? Engineering
All PowerClean Industries multi-surface cleaning plants are engineered to ensure ease of maintenance service and overall simplicity. After all who wants to spend hours performing basic maintenance when it can be done in just minutes! Our Service-Smart? engineering principles make maintenance fast and easy so that you can spend more time working with your equipment instead of working on it.
A few of the Service-Smart? features on the new Genesis are
? Front mounted fluid ports (engine blower pump)
? E-Z Glide? adjustable belt tensioning system
? Color coded internal hoses
? Easy access open air design allows fast convenient access to ALL components
? Only a single electronic relay is present on unit and is easy accessible
? Steady-Temp? diverter can be rebuilt without removing it from the unit
? Cat pump can be rebuilt without removal from unit
? Filterless belt driven Auto Pump Out is easily accessible
? Liquid Heat Exchanger can be completely rebuilt without removing it from the unit
? Lightweight aluminum side panels are easy to remove and dissipate heat better than steel
? All gauges can be easily accessed without removing panels or covers
New Features of the Genesis:
? Mutli-Temp? Cleaning System- Now you can clean with dual wands with different temperatures!
? Roots DSL Blower- New Double Splash Lubrication blower eliminates grease and increases longevity!
? Marine grade switches feature panel mounted circuit breakers!
? Improved silencing system lowers overall noise levels and lowers pitch to more comfortable levels!
Innovative Features
Innovation has been a key factor in our success. When the Genesis was first introduced it was the only truck mount in the industry to operate at high pressure and even today it remainsthe king of high pressure cleaning machines by providing heated pressure washing capabilities that no other truck mount can come close to. Our Steady-Temp II? exhaust diverter systemhas been in use for many years now and was one of the first of its kind. Additionally all PowerClean Industries units feature our exclusive EZ-Change? front mounted fluid and maintenance ports that allow you to quickly and easily change your vital fluids from the front of the unit without making a mess. Simple really. A Genesis will allow you to go through your typical work day faster and easier then any other truck mount on the market today. You?ll operate more efficiently get more work done in less time increase your bottom line and be able to spend more time running your business instead of worrying about it!
Simple Solutions
Sometimes it?s the simple things that make a truck mount easier to work with and operate. The Genesis front control panel is just such a thing. Unique to the`Genesis are the new fittings that enable our exclusive Multi-Temp? cleaning system which allows two cleaners to operate at the same time with different temperatures! A high pressure outlet for cold water allows you to perform cleaning and pressure washing when heat may be detrimental (decks and wood surfaces for example). Of course being a Genesis you can pressure wash at up to 3 000 PSI either with or without heat. Another unique outlet is the dedicated upholstery outlet. This outlet delivers cleaning solution at temperatures ranging from 76?C - 87?C (170?-190?) for cleaning upholsteryor delicate fabrics. Our exclusive Multi-Temp? cleaning system will allow one cleaner to operate from the standard hot water quick connect and adjust his temperature from 71?C - 121?C (160?-250?) while another cleaner uses either the cold water or dedicated upholstery outlet. Lastly the front panel features our exclusive Maintenance and Fluid Drain Ports allowing youto drain your engine pump and blower oil direct from the front of the unit. No other truck mount in the industry delivers these exclusive time saving and convenience features and no othertruck mount delivers the performance of a Genesis!!
Specifications and Options:
? Zenith 68 hp Fuel Injected Engine
? Roots 56 or 59 Dual Splash Lubricated Blower (570 or 850 CFM)
? Cat 5CP Pump
? Clean at pressures from 100-3 000 PSI with heat
? Five stage multi-source heat exchange system
? Thermostatically adjustable temperatures from 60?C - 121?C (140?-250?)
? Multi-Temp? Cleaning System
? Dedicated upholstery cleaning outlet
? Service-Smart engineered to ensure ease of maintenance
? Front mounted maintenance ports
? EZ-Glide? drive system
? Color coded hoses
? Marine grade electrical switches
? Steady-Temp II? exhaust diverter system
? Sure-Flow? chemical metering system provides exact chemical flow regardless of pressure or flow rate
? Lightweight aluminum panels and covers
? Durable powder coated finish
? Stainless steel 360 ltr (95 Gal) waste tank
? Stainless steel mix tank
? Stainless steel floats
? Stainless steel exhaust system
? Stainless steel exhaust heat exchange system
? Stainless steel removable drip pan
? Stainless steel vacuum hose reel
? Stainless steel quick disconnects and swage fitting on all solution hoses
? External filterless belt driven APO is rated at 98 litres per minute (26 GPM)
Warranty Information
? Waste tank and frame - 5 years
? Engine - 2 years
? Heat exchangers - 2 years
? Blower - 30 months? Pump and Diverter - 1 year
? Gauges - 1 year
? Hoses fittings brass and soft goods - 90 days
Liquid Heat Exchangers - Highly efficient heat exchangers capture heat fromthe engine coolant and ensure hotter more consistent temperatures than unitsthat use exhaust only heat exchange systems. Designed and mounted to allowthe coils to be removed for cleaning service or replacement without removingthem from the frame.
Cat 5CP Pump - Shown as mounted in a Genesis-nXT. Pump is on a slidingbracket and features an adjustable belt tensioning system. Access to the pump iscompletely unobstructed making service and maintenance a snap! The entire pumpcan actually be serviced and rebuilt while in place on the unit!
APO - The most powerful Auto Pump Out in the industry contains no filtersand can be cleaned and rebuilt without removing it from the unit. The entireprocess can be completed in under 15 minutes! Self priming feature means theimpeller will never run dry and is much less likely to be damaged during initialstartup.