PowerClean Spotting Kit

$369.00 (GST included)
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If you are looking for a professional spotting kit that will make you stand out as "The Expert in Stain and Spot Removal", this kit will provide with all the tools you need. Chemicals for all types of spots and stains, accessories to help you remove even the toughest of stains, as well as a comprehensive manual - all in a compact, insulated carry case!

The PowerClean Spotting kit includes:

Compact, insulated carry case


1 x 500 ml PowerSpot

1 x 500 ml Powerclean VDS

1 x 500 ml Powerclean POG

1 x 500 ml Power Gel

1 x 500 ml Coffee Stain Remover

1 x 500 ml Urine Decon Ultra

1 x 500 ml Rust Stain Remover

1 x 500 ml OxySpot

1 x 500 ml DeBrown

1 x  500ml Protein Spotter

1 x 800 gm OxyBoost


1 x Gumgetter

1 x Spotting Tamping brush

1 x Wet Pump Sprayer

2 x Spotting Towels

1 x PH Indicators Test Kit

Comprehensive Spotting Kit Manual

SDS booklet