PowerClean Truckmounts

Founded over 20 years ago as a carpet cleaning company, PowerClean Industries began manufacturing truck mounts over 16 years ago. The goal was a simple one; to build the best machine that we could, keep it as simple as possible and sell it at a reasonable price. Over the years the equipment has changed and so have the prices but the quality, affordability and ease of maintenance of our products has remained constant. We firmly believe that it is our commitment to deliver performance oriented products at down to earth prices that has made us the success we are today and we will continue to develop products designed to make your job easier and less complicated. 

Once truckmounts were designed solely for Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction), however with Hard Surface cleaning becoming a predominant field within our industry the call for machinery that can clean and capture on the fly thus complying with all state and federal laws is becoming an increasing necessity today. Please visit our individual truckmounted cleaning machines as listed below. 

Why purchase smaller air cooled carpet cleaning machines that struggle with the rigours of hard surface cleaning (including tile cleaning, driveway cleaning, high pressure cleaning, concrete cleaning and clean and capture cleaning) when for the same price or less, you can purchase an industrial truckmount that runs larger water cooled engines with larger vacuum blowers and larger water pumps that are designed and built to run at lower speeds whilst still generating blistering performance. 

Quality In, Quality Out. 
A truck mount is only as powerful and reliable as the parts it is made of. That’s why PowerClean Industries’ truck mounts utilize the highest quality components from start to finish. Whether its something as critical as the engine, blower or pump, or as basic as the quick disconnects, no corners are cut and no expense is spared. Consider the fact that PowerClean Industries units are the only units available that use stainless steel waste tanks, float boxes, exhaust heat exchangers and floats!

When you make the decision to buy a PowerClean Industries’ truck mount you can be confident that the components we use are carefully selected and thoroughly tested prior to being approved for use in our equipment. In addition to this PowerClean Industries’ truck mounts are tested and approved by Roots, Cat, Nissan & Kohler. The fact that these manufacturers list the PowerClean Industries’ truck mounts as approved systems is a testament to it’s quality and reliability. Not every truck mount manufacturer goes through this approval program but we feel it is an important part of the design process and it reflects our overall commitment to delivering the finest truck mounts in the industry today.