The Liberty was designed from the ground up to fill the growing need for a quiet, compact truck mount. Along the way we decided to make it the most powerful and feature rich unit of it’s kind. We simply would not settle for air-cooled engines, tiny little pumps, sub-par cleaning temperatures and inferior materials. We knew we wouldn’t be able to build the most inexpensive machine out there but we were positive we could build a machine that would blow the doors off the “budget truck mounts” without burning a hole in your pocket!

Why should water-cooled engines, powerful vacuum systems, standard auto-pump out systems and stainless steel components be limited to the very few? The Liberty is the ideal machine for someone looking to upgrade from a portable or looking for a step up to a water-cooled truck mount, but are concerned with getting a high quality product that will last for years. It’s also the perfect choice for the professional cleaner looking to outfit several vehicles with an economical cleaning solution that will deliver the performance to keep his customers smiling!

If space is a concern then look no further! The Liberty has an extremely compact footprint and with the ability to remote mount the compact waste tank you can install it in any standard van, trailer and even many mini-vans! What about the heat and vacuum? Well the Liberty comes with a Roots 36 DSL blower and features a standard Kunkle Valve. A properly installed Kunkle Valve increases vacuum efficiency while the unit is under load and significantly increases vacuum performance and lowers drying times.

The Liberty is also excellent in the heat department. Average operating temperatures are in the 85 deg C – 105 deg C (185-215 F) range and the simplified control system means no solenoids or diverters to deal with. When you start looking for your next truck mount take a long hard look at the Liberty and then compare everything else to it. We’re confident you’ll agree that the Liberty is the absolute finest machine in its class!

Specifications and Options:

  • Kohler 26 hp liquid cooled engine
  • Roots 36 Dual Splash Lubricated Blower with Kunkle Valve (Dramatically increases lift)
  • General Emperor Series Pump
  • Clean at pressures from 100-2,000 PSI with heat
  • Multi-source heat exchange system
  • Operating temperatures in the range between 85°C - 105°C (185°-215°F)
  • Service-Smart engineered to ensure ease of maintenance
  • Front mounted maintenance ports
  • Integrated Auto Pump Out system
  • Color coded hoses
  • Marine grade electrical switches
  • Stainless steel waste tank
  • Stainless steel mix tank
  • Stainless steel floats
  • Stainless steel exhaust system
  • Stainless steel exhaust heat exchange system
  • Standard chemical metering system
  • Lightweight aluminum panels and covers
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Standard belt driven APO is rated at 98 litres per minute (26 GPM)
  • Vacuum Hoses
  • Stainless steel wand 12" or 14" with either two or four jet configurations
  • Solution Hoses
  • Vacuum Hose Reel

New Features of the Liberty:

  • General pump delivers high pressure cleaning with the ability to run hot and dry!
  • Standard pump out system is the same model used on our Genesis series!
  • Roots DSL Blower- Double Splash Lubrication blower eliminates grease and increases longevity!
  • Marine grade switches feature panel mounted circuit breakers!
  • Improved silencing system lowers overall noise levels and lowers pitch to more comfortable levels!

Warranty Information

  • Waste tank and frame - 5 years
  • Engine - 3 years
  • Heat exchangers - 2 years
  • Blower - 30 months
  • Pump and Diverter - 1 year
  • Gauges - 1 year
  • Hoses, fittings, brass and soft goods - 90 days