Releasit Encap-HydrOx

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RELEASIT Encap HydrOx uses the latest in encapsulation carpet cleaning technology.  It contains CRYSTALON-hp encapsulation polymer, active hydrogren Peroxide and comes in a pleasant Citrus Fresh Scent!

RELEASIT Encap-HydrOx is a total carpet cleaning system that handles a wide range of carpet care needs.

With its hydrogen fortified encapsulation formula, Encap-HydrOx is a unique 7-in-1 textile cleaning product:

1.   Encap-HydrOx is an encapsulating shampoo.
2.   Encap-HydrOx is an encapsulating bonnet/pad cleaner.
3.   Encap-HydrOx is an encapsulating hot water extraction detergent.
4.   Encap-HydrOx is an encapsulating spotter.
5.   Encap-HydrOx is an encapsulating traffic lane cleaner.
6.   Encap-HydrOx is an encapsulating de-browner.
7.   Encap-HydrOx is an encapsulating upholstery cleaner.

Releasit Encap-HydrOx is an environmentally friendly product.  It is formulated with a special peroxide-stable encapsulation polymer that crystallizes beautifully. Encap-HydrOx adds OXYGEN to the cleaning to loosen protein based soil and remove browning.  Encap-HydrOx can be used in a wide variety of cleaning applications!

Releasit Encap-HydrOx combines a highly effective hydrogen peroxide detergent blend with a special crystallizing polymer.  The crystalizing polymer captures soil. Encapsulated residue that is left in the carpet following cleaning can be extracted from the carpet during the routine post-vacuuming process.

The unique crystallizing encapsulation polymer in Releasit Encap-HydrOx resists re-soiling. The micro-encapsulated soil particles will not reattach to the carpet fiber. Carpets that are cleaned with Encap-HydrOx stay clean longer than with traditional detergents.

Dries to a crystallized residue. No rinsing is required.  Non-sticky encapsulated residue will not attract more soil.  Carpets stay clean longer.  Safe for stain-resist, most wool, and all synthetic fibers.

Encap-HydrOx helps reduce contaminants associated with indoor air pollutants.  Encap-HydrOx also neutralizes many odors naturally.

Encap-HydrOx has powerful protein spot removal capabilities.  Encap-HydrOx removes Blood, Coffee, Chocolate, Red Wine, Urine Stains, Soft Drinks, Food Stains, and more. 


Shampoo Encap Method:   Mix Encap-HydrOx at 300 ml per 5 litres of warm or hot water.  Apply with a coarse tip sprayer or with a shower-feed solution tank.  Scrub the carpet thoroughly making overlapping passes with a Orbot, Cimex, rotary, or cylindrical brush machine.  Rinsing is not required.  Vacuum at the next scheduled vacuuming interval.

 Traffic Lane Pre-Spray:   Mix Encap-HydrOx at 350 ml per 5 litres. Apply with a pump or battery powered sprayer using a coarse spray tip.  Apply a heavier amount in more soiled areas.  Allow 5-10 minutes of dwell time. 

Hot Water Extraction:   Mix Encap-HydrOx at  50 - 60 ml per 5 litres in portable extractors.   For truckmounts mix 1 litre per 20 litres of stock solution. 

Protein Spot Removal:   Mix 1 part Encap-HydrOx with 3 parts water.   Apply a liberal amount of the spotting mixture to the spot.  Allow 5-10 minutes of dwell time.  Blot with a towel. Rinsing is not normally required. 

Browning Treatment:   Mix Encap-HydrOx at 600 ml per 5 litres.  Spray the affected area thoroughly.  Allow 10 minutes of dwell time.  Clean using minimal moisture, and dry the area quickly! 

Upholstery Shampoo:   Mix Encap-HydrOx at 300 ml per 5 litres of warm or hot water.  Apply evenly using a coarse tip sprayer.  Brush the fabric gently with a horse hair brush or equivalent SOFT bristled brush.  Gently towel off the upholstery or extract with a clear water rinse.