Rotowash R30B Machine

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The R3B has all the qualities you will be looking for in a twin cylindrical brush machine. It has a 30cm brush cleaning width scrubber driers capable of generating a high quality cleaning on all types of hard floors and carpets. Plus the additional benefit of increased cleaning coverage due to the single pass scrubbing action.The cleaning solution is fed from the clean water tank via an electric pump which sprays solution in front of the machine on to the floor. This means it can be used in large open areas by simply walking behind it whilst remaining light and easy to manoeuvre in small confined areas and under and around obstacles like furniture and fixed equipment. It has a 7 litre solution tank and also spins at 650 rpm. The Rotowash R3B weighs in at a nimble 25.5 kgs.• There is also a range of standard horsehair polishing and abrasive brushes that can be utilized for this model. Contact us to find out more details