Rug Sucker

$735.00 (GST included)
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RUG SUCKER is the lightweight, versatile tool for all rug washing enthusiasts! Affordable. Effective. Efficient.

The Rug Washing Tool That All Cleaners Can Afford!

If you are thinking of adding rug washing to the services you offer or are a rug washing enthuasist, the RUG SUCKER is the lightweight tool that you need.  

It gives you the versatility to tackle any rug washing job, from a small rug to the more serious rug wash.

Simply connect multiple Rug Suckers together to the right length and roll the area rug around the Rug Sucker.   Connect to your portable extractor or truckmount and begin flushing and extracting.  With the capability to flush, rinse and extract you will not only save time and money but clean rugs more effectively all at the same time!  

 Package Includes:

  • 2 x 91 1/2 cm Rug Suckers
  • 1 x swivel sight elbow
  • 1 x vent cap