Sapphire Scientific 570SS Truckmount

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Sapphire Scientific 570 Truck mounted Carpet Cleaning Machine

Building on features that the Sapphire Scientific Truckmount range brings to the industry – high performance, reliability and versatility – the 570 truckmount has the latest heat exchange technology for outstanding temperature consistency!

For those who are looking for the added performance that a liquid cooled power plant gives, you cannot go past the Sapphire Scientific 570. The advanced triple-source heat cogeneration produces steady, powerful heat for fast and consistent cleans every time on any job!

Tapping into 30+ years of experience of well-known industry truckmount experts, and combining the best of the Prochem and Sapphire Scienfitic brands, the new model Sapphire Scientific 570SS design features ingenious use of space and high-efficiency heat exchangers to simplify operation and maintenance - ensuring the longest service life at lower cost. The 570SS provides superior overall performance for the cleaning technician who wants higher heat, impressive airflow and the option to take on dual wand cleaning. 

Excellent Overall Performance - Maximum Value - Dual Wand Truckmount

Utilizing a unique patent-pending heat diverter system to keep the blower cool, Sapphire Scientific truckmounts do not bypass or dump water to the waste tank during normal operation, no matter how much time elapses.  This saves water and preserves space in the waste tank, allowing operators to keep cleaning carpets longer.


  • Full thermostatic control for precise heat management.
  • Through-frame drive belt cooling significantly reduces downtime by extending belt life
  • Patented thermal well design incorporates tube-and-shell heat exchanger to maximize heat transfer from engine to solution.
  • Easy-to-remove access panel and side hoods allows for quick service
  • Narrowest liquid-cooled slide-in on the market.

570SS Standard package inclusions

  • Sapphire 14" x 2" 6  Jet Titanium wand
  • 45 metres of ¼" I.D. 3000 psi rated pressure hose with brass quick connects & 1/4" shut-off valves
  • 45 metres x 2" vacuum hose with cuffs 
  • Battery box & battery
  • Installation Kit
  • Operation and Service Manual

570SS Additional inclusions with every package

 Power Plant  Kubota WG972 31 HP liquid cooled cast iron gasoline engine operating at 3000 RPM
Vacuum pump Gardner Denver trilobe HeliFlow® HF408 helical positive displacement blower. Vacuum at 13 in. and flows up to 455 CFM.
Solution pump General HTS2016S producing up to 1500 PSI and 5 GPM at 1500 RPM
Waste tank  90 gal (340 ltr) TIG-welded 3/16" marine-grade aluminium. 75 gal (283ltr) at shutoff.   
Frame construction

0.125 in. × 2 in. powder-coated aluminium box tubing.

Frame finish Corrosion-resistant powder coated
Vacuum Ports             Dual 2.5 in. and 2 in.

Cooling Belt

100 CFM through-frame air injection system


 480 kg (console only) 
 1002 kg (operating weight, with full water capacity)

Console dimensions

(W × H × D)

22 × 43 × 50 in. | 56 × 109 × 127 cm