Sapphire Scientific Rage Truckmount

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Sapphire Scientific Rage Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Machine

The Rage truckmount features compact sizing – space saving profile only 43 cms, high quality components and the same unparalleled reliability and versatility that Sapphire Scientific truckmount range is renowned for.  If you are looking to graduate from a portable carpet cleaning machine or starting out in business, this is a truly cost effective package.

Tapping into 30+ years of experience of well-known industry truckmount experts, the Sapphire Scientific Rage design employs trusted components combined with ingenious use of space and high-efficiency heat exchangers to simplify operation and maintenance - ensuring the longest service life at lower cost.  The Rage truckmount is the ideal machine for a start up business or for an established business that wishes to upgrade from a portable set up to a an entry level truckmount.

Outrageous Quality, Outrageous Value!


  • Space-saving narrow profile: At only 17 inches wide, the Rage is almost half the width of nearest competitor.
  • Adjustable solution pressure up to 1000 PSI for hard surface cleaning and light pressure washing.
  • Easy to operate and maintain - excellent cleaning even with inexperienced operators.


Rage Standard package inclusions

  • 12" x 1  1/2 " 4 Jet Titanium wand
  • 30 metres of ¼" I.D. 3000 psi rated pressure hose with brass quick connects & 1/4" shutoff valves
  • 30 metres x 2" vacuum hose with cuffs 
  • Battery box & battery
  • Installation Kit
  • Operation and Service Manual

Rage Additional inclusions with every package

 Power Plant 18 HP air-cooled Kohler gasoline engine operating at 3000 RPM.
Solution pump General TX1810S17 delivering up to 1000 psi and up to 2.7 GPM at 1488 RPM. Includes solution pump clutch.
Waste tank 90 gal. (340 L) 0.1875 in. marine-grade aluminum.
Frame construction TIG-welded 1/8 in. × 2 in. aluminium box tubing
Frame finish Corrosion-resistant powder coated
Vacuum Port              Single 2"


520 lbs. | 236 kg (console)
160 lbs. | 73 kg (waste tank)
858 lbs. | 389 kg (complete kit)

Console dimensions

(W × H × D)

17 × 36 × 39 in. | 43.2 × 91 × 99 cm