Sapphire Sapphire Scientific Truckmount Range

Sapphire Scientific manufactures the industry's most powerful, efficient and space-saving truckmounts, which have been engineered by the most experienced team ever assembled. Designed to deliver maximum performance and durability, Sapphire products are easy to maintain and economical to operate, providing carpet cleaning professionals with the tools they need to get the job done right.


What makes Sapphire Scientific the Premier Truckmount Brand?

  • The Sapphire Scientific truckmounted cleaning equipment has the smallest cubic size. 

    Taking up 50% less floor space than other competitive units allows these truckmounts to be easily installed in our Australian vehicles. Taking up less space also means they weigh between 30-40 kgs lighter than other models as well!
  • The high strength frame on the Sapphire Scientific truckmounts are among the most rigid within the industry with their strategic member placement. 

    Being so well manufactured also greatly reduces vibration throughout the truck mount. By reducing vibration, the the reliability and long term lifespan of the machine is greatly increased.
  • Unlike ANY other truckmount, the Sapphire Scientific cleaning equipment features the next generation in heat exchange technology - the 'Thermal Well'. This Thermal Well generates 15% hotter water much quicker than any other heat exchange unit. Another remarkable advancement, is that within the Thermal Well, it incorporates many other parts on the truckmount and combines them all in one simple box. Things like the
    • Waterbox
    • Heating Coils
    • The diverter system
    • Blower muffler
    • Secondary Heat Exchanger

By incorporating all of these items together now, it not only makes servicing and repairs easier, it also reduces clutter on the truckmount, and reduces ambient heat and noise that was normally given off by some of these afore mentioned parts. Now this previously wasted heat is put to use in heating the water hotter than ever before.

  • Part of the reason that the Sapphire Scientific machines get so hot quicker than any other machine is due to their ingenious finned coil heat exchangers. There is 6 times the surface area on Sapphire's new heat exchange coil. In each machine there is 12.2 metres of the finned coil heat exchanger system that is utilized on the Sapphire machines. This means that other manufacturers need to use 73 meters of heat exchange system (which is physically impossible) to match the sheer performance of the Sapphire Scientific truckmounts. Because we simply have 6 times the surface contact area in our heat exchangers, we simply capture more heat!
  • Serviceability on the Sapphire Scientific truck mounts is unrivalled. Because they have the narrowest design, this means that nothing on the machine is more than 20 cm from the outside edge on the most popular versions. Unlike other brands of truckmounts that are at times twice this distance from the outer edge of the frame, the Sapphire equipment is very simple an easy to service for routine maintenance even by the least mechanically inclined person.
Sapphire 370 Size Comparison
This photo demonstrates the superior engineering that Sapphire Scientific is well known for. These three machines all produce between the 330-360 CFM range. Yet you can see how compact the Sapphire 370 is in the middle. The nice benefit of this machine, is although all of these machines produce approximately the same amount of vacuum, the Sapphire Scientific machine, despite being the smallest in physical size, is the only one that produces 1500 psi of heated water pressure, the only unit to mechanically cool the belts and the only unit than can run indefinitely without water hooked up to it for flood restoration work
  • Easy access. Unlike most truckmounts where tools are needed to gain access to the engine compartment, the Sapphire Scientific truckmounts have easy access panels and side hoods that are simply attached by thumbscrews that you can remove by hand. Additionally, if a serious overhaul is required, the centre frames can be removed to be pillar less, thus giving unimpeded access the entire unit. Again, this is a feature unique only to these machines. The rest of the service points are easily visible. Things like the different oil sight glasses, dipsticks and air filters are easy to access thus making general servicing more enjoyable.
  • Here in Australia with our warmer climate, one of the main considerations when installing truckmounts into our smaller Australian vehicles is heat build up. Many current truckmount owners have horrendous issues with belt life. Blower belts, Auto Pump Out belts and Water pump belts shred in very short periods of time, not only becoming frustrating for the operator, but causing financial stresses due to the amount of downtown the machine has in both in repair costs, but lost work. Sapphire Scientific due to their vast experience have listen to their truckmount clients and has the only belt cooling facility of any truckmount. Not only are the belts in a separate compartment to reduce the heat output they are normally subjected to from the engine and blower, but each Sapphire Scientific truckmount has a powerful 100 CFM induction fan draws cool air from outside the truckmount console, pushes it down through the hollow frame toward the rear of the truckmount, where it then discharged continually over the moving belts therefore keeping them consistently cooler and greatly improving belt life expectancy.
  • Quite a few modern heat exchange truckmounts have some form of diverter/flood clutch, which allows the truckmount to run in just vacuum recovery mode without being hooked up to a fresh water source. However after a short period of time, the water within their heat exchange system will still heat up and still activate the high temperature shut down. On the Sapphire Scientific truckmounts, because their entire heat exchange system is contained within the Thermal Well, when we engage the Diverter Lockout mechanism, it overrides the air solenoid and actuates the diverter so it stops the hot exhaust gases from the blower exhaust and engine exhaust from reaching the Thermal Well. This also protects the water pump and internal plumbing from excessively high temperatures therefore extending component life. When we engage the diverter lockout we can run the truck mount continuously, hour after hour, day after day, without any water hooked up. Instead of having a dedicated flood extraction unit, the Sapphire machines can easily convert from a standard cleaning and extraction machine into a stand-alone flood extractor as well. This makes the Sapphire cleaning equipment the most versatile on the market.
  • The instrument panel is simple and intuitive. It has only the switches and dials you need without being confusing and looking like an aircraft dashboard. Giving you every control of vital machine functions as the operator, it is still simple enough so it won't confuse you or your potential staff. The graphics on the panel are moisture resistant, fade resistant and are a complete vinyl sheet so you won't have to purchase expensive stickers to redress the machine years down the track.
  • All Sapphire Scientific truckmounts have been designed to accept and run with 2.5' (63.5 mm) vacuum hose which provides 33% better vacuum than just the standard 2' (50 mm) vacuum hose. While the 2.5' vacuum hose can be bulky to use inside your clients house, generally the 2.5' house is used externally, being the first length of hose the comes off the truckmount and leads toward the job, before stepping down back to standard 2' hose for use internally. 2.5' (63.5 mm) vacuum allows a lot more airflow through it - therefore providing more vacuum   (CFM) and lift ("Hg) where you need it - at the floor. Running with 2.5' hose will help you recover your cleaning solution faster therefore cleaning and drying to a higher standard.
  • Unlike some other smaller truckmount manufacturers, Sapphire Scientific is one of the only manufacturers that can afford a 'truckmount only' plant. This means that the workforce doesn't get distracted working on other projects. They are specialists in their required fields and on average; the entire team has on average greater than 10 years truckmount building experience each.
  • The warranty that the Sapphire Scientific includes with each and every truckmount is fantastic. Not only do they have a 2 year warranty against manufacturers defects, but the also include $ 75.00 per hour (inc GST) labour as well, in case you are in a regional centre and cannot get to any of our workshops. Now that is great customer service!
  • Other items that need mentioning is the simple electrical wiring diagram. Each machine uses heavy gauge wires and are colour coded (in like manner to how an electrician would wire up your house) which makes diagnosis and trouble shooting much quicker and simpler.    

Sapphire Scientific are part of Legend Brands, a family of companies with 140 years of combined experience with providing equipment and solutions for water and fire damage restoration, professional cleaning and environmental control. As part of this commitment, Legend Brands companies conduct world-class research, provide industry-leading education and develop new products for the restoration and maintenance of healthier indoor environments. 

Legend Brands companies currently include Dri-Eaz ProductsProRestore Products (makers of UnsmokeMicroban and ODORx), and Sapphire Scientific, home of BLUEline and Vortex cleaning systems and Sapphire Scientific truckmounts, tools and chemicals. These industry leaders have pooled their knowledge and solutions whom you can trust to provide legendary innovation, quality and service, both now and in the future.