The Sapphire 270 SS measures 41cm wide x 86 cm high x 101cm long, but don't let the very small physical size fool you. This revolutionary unit actually exceeds competitors’ cleaning performance with a machine console only half the size.

The heartbeat of this pocket rocket is the 18 hp V-Twin Overhead valve Briggs and Stratton motor. Briggs and Stratton is the world's largest manufacturer of air-cooled engines. Each year they build 10 million engines. This engine used on the Sapphire Scientific 270 SS is design and engineered to dependably take on constant running hour after hour whilst installed into the back of your vehicle.

This particular motor has an ‘Oil Guard’ low oil shutdown system that significantly reduces the chance of engine damage due to insufficient lubrication. It also has a dura-bore cast iron cylinder sleeve, which assures you as the owner long engine life and improved oil control. This model Briggs and Stratton motor not only has a die cast aluminium block, but also exhibits low vibrations, lower emissions, improved valve life and importantly, better fuel consumption than ever before.

Energetic and quick starting, this 18 hp V-Twin features a number of advanced technologies and integrated components that are proven to elevate the reliability standard, allowing you to keep cleaning for many years with minimal down time.

Providing the 1500 psi of heated water pressure is the legendary CAT 3CP triplex pump. It also has last-step chemical injection to which maximizes pump performance. This pump is not only high pressure, but also high flow – running 4.3 GPM, which is much higher than most truckmounts run. This pump also has Hot Dry seals installed to help prevent premature seal degradation. It has an electric clutch to turn the pump on and off therefore not running the pump and belts unnecessarily.

Quality has been at the heart of CAT pumps from the beginning. Quality design, materials and manufacturing are the key components to a long lasting, dependable pump. Special alloys, hardened surfaces and closely held manufacturing tolerances are all part of the quality you receive with each CAT pump. The heavy-duty, high-strength drive-end construction used on the 3CP pump that is on the Sapphire Scientific 270 SS assures you will receive long life from your pump. CAT pumps compact pump design, easy mounting to belt-drive, quiet, energy-efficient operation and low maintenance make these specially designed carpet and tile cleaning pumps the most economical and reliable for use in your truckmount!

The Gardner Denver Sutorbilt positive displacement bi-lobe blowers that is used in this truckmount is 3LL which produces 270 CFM at 13” Hg. Sutorbilt has been has 150 years experience in the design, manufacture and support of superior industrial equipment. Each Sutorbilt vacuum blower that is installed is individually tested to meet rigorous performance specifications that are specific to the carpet and hard surface cleaning industry.

1 - High-strength impeller case is heavily ribbed and machined from a single piece of cast iron and features oversized dowel pins for precise mounting and alignment of head plates. This results in reduced noise and more stable, vibration-free operation

2 - The head plates are also machined from cast iron, are ground on the interior surface to precise operating tolerances. Bearing fits are machined into head plates to assure exact bearing positioning. Ensures accurate, fixed-dimension clearances through all blower operating conditions and temperature ranges

3 - The impellers are machined from cast iron to an exact profile and are permanently fastened to steel shafts. They are dynamically balanced for smooth operation in any assembled position. This provides extra strength and rigidity to handle continuous maximum loads without fatigue or deflection .

4 - Optimum bearing selection provides longer blower life and added overhung shaft load capacity

5 - High temperature Viton oil seals are used which maximizes the seal life in continuous, severe-duty applications to provide leak-free operation.

6 - Timing gears and gear end bearings are splash lubricated utilizing an abundant oil reservoir A non-asbestos graphite gasketed, oil-tight housing encloses the timing gears. The drive end bearings are grease lubricated through fittings. Lip-type seals prevent oil and grease from entering the impeller chamber.



18 HP Briggs and Stratton Motor

CAT 3CP 1120 producing
1500 PSI and 4.3 GPM

How does a vacuum blower work?

Two figure-eight impellers turn in opposite directions within a machined housing. They transfer a constant volume of air from the inlet to the exhaust with every rotation. These rotating components are held in a very close tolerance and do not contact each other, thus generating vacuum. The impellers positioning is maintained by precision timing gears affixed to each impeller shaft

Combine the above mentioned components with complete temperature control, you can ensure optimal results on every carpet cleaning, upholstery, tile & grout and flood extraction job. This space-saving unit is not only built to clean, it’s built to last. The Sapphire 270 SS truckmount has fewer parts than any comparable unit for more reliable service and easier maintenance, and with its exclusive short-reach service design, all serviceable parts are within 20 cm of the unit’s exterior. The Sapphire’s high-strength frame reduces vibration, which can wear down the unit over time. The frame’s unique design also helps extend drive belt life by directing cool air over the belts during operation.

Power plant

18 HP Briggs and Stratton

Vacuum pump

Sutorbilt 3LL vacuum pump producing 13" Hg

Solution pump

CAT 3CP 1120 producing 1500 PSI and 4.3 GPM

Waste tank

294 litre marine grade aluminum

Console dimensions (W × H × D)

40.5 cm × 86.4 cm × 101.6 cm


305 kg

And every unit is backed by Sapphire Scientifics’ no-hassle 2-year warranty.